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Specialty retail clothier Zumiez started its journey as a single retail store in Seattle, and now it has more than 400 retail locations in the United States. It is famous for cutting-edge clothing, footwear and accessories.


Zumiez Job Opportunities

Zumiez places emphasis on the skate and snow industries. There are various action-sports-related clothing for its customers. If you are searching for a job and love surfing, snowboarding and skating, then positions here suit you. When you are an entry level applicant, you usually work in sales associate positions. When you are an applicant with prior experience, you can find a job in management positions.

Positions except for sales associate positions, you work in stockrooms and replenishing merchandise on the sales floor. In sales associate positions, you assist customers in making selections and taking payments.

Positions in management are good for applicants who look for long term careers. Candidates must have high school diplomas and at least two years of leadership experience. Workers in management positions are responsible for building and maintaining a customer base. They also handle with maximizing sales results.

Position and Salary Information for Zumiez

Part time opportunities are suitable for applicants attending school. Flexible working hours and shifts are beneficial for applicants from variety of walks in life, need and desire. Here is a list of positions in Zumiez and information about them:

Sales Associate – A sales associate utilizes suggestive selling techniques and kind, helpful, genial assistance to provide customers a good service. Some other duties contain assisting in loss prevention, organizing displays and keeping store clean. To apply for this position, you must be capable of showing motivation and determination, lifting, pushing, pulling and standing for a long time. You must also have improved communication skills. You should be flexible in availability. Your payment is for this position is around minimum hourly wage.

Management – As a manager in this retailer, you are responsible for merchandising through effective marketing and store sales number. Additionally, you should maximize customer service and shopping experiences. This position is beneficial for you if you have passion about retail industry and extreme sports.

Zumiez wants managers to demonstrate an understanding of leadership roles and developing teams. Also, you should minimize loss of inventory and sales. Those should be achieved with motivation, overall knowledge of retail transactions and customer service.  To apply for this position, you must have additional experiences in retail service and management. You may also need supplementary education or trainings to improve your leadership skills.

In Zumiez there exist two types of managers: Assistant managers and store managers. Assistant managers start earning between $11.00 and $12.00 per hour. Store managers may earn up to $40,000 annually.

Zumiez Interview

Firstly, applicants fill out and submit application forms in order to get an interview. Depending on applications, employers contact with prospective applicants to arrange an interview. For entry level positions, applicants usually attend group interviews. These group interviews may be held with up to 25, 30 applicants and last a couple hours. On the other hand employers hold one to one interviews with individuals applying managerial or more upper level positions. Generally, employers only need one interview to make up their minds. After that, applicants receive offers in a couple days. Applicants who did not receive any calls but are hopeful should contact the company.

Frequently Asked Interview Questions

Employers ask general questions as well as personal questions. Questions may vary from knowledge about Zumiez to personal strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, Zumiez employers love to make mock sales and ask individuals what to do in certain situations. Additionally, employers ask about schedule availability, skills and favorite stores.

On group interviews, employers set unique exercises to encourage applicants to think and make decisions quickly. During one exercise; employers ask applicants to create quick name jokes among each other. Additionally, employers sometimes divide individuals to groups and ask them to create a group name and song. One group interview game is that candidates answer open-ended questions solely by asking another open-ended question.

How to Gain More Hiring Consideration

Applicants may choose to wear brand merchandise or clothes showing interest in skater. Zumiez working environments are friendly and mostly fun. Thus employers want to hire individuals who have good sense of humor and are friendly. Applicants should show their fun and friendly personalities. Additionally, applicants remarking excellent customer service gain much more hiring consideration.

Work Facts of Zumiez

Age Requirement:

  • At least 16 years old

Zumiez Working Hours

  • Monday – Saturday: 10:00am-9:00pm;
  • Sunday: 11:00am-6:00pm

Open Positions: 

Sales Person, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Merchandise Planner, Junior Designer, Designer, Seasonal Sales Person, Keyholder, Merchandise Handler, Distribution Center Employee, Footwear Buyer, Accounting Clerk, Administrative Assistant, Customer Service Representative

Printable Application PDF/Form: Zumiez Application

How to Apply Zumiez Jobs: Official Site

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