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Zaxby’s Online Application & Career

Zaxby’s is a popular casual chicken restaurant, and it has more than 600 locations in the southern United States. You can find both part time and full timepositions.


Job Opportunities at Zaxby’s

Zaxby’s hires workers who have customer service aptitude and ability to please guests as it places emphasis on customer satisfaction.  It needs workers with ability to multitask during busy working hours and keep the quality of food and services high.

Workers who handle with most necessary duties on a typical workday are called crew members. The job title of “crew member” is the most common position in Zaxby’s. It is one of the entry level positions in Zaxby’s.Entry level candidates must be friendly as they are interacting with customers on a daily basis. And they must keep to sanitation guidelines on the job.

The chicken restaurant also hires employees when they are suitable for experienced restaurant managers. Management position necessitates numerous responsibilities of all areas of restaurant operations. If you are hired for management and other supervisory positions, Zaxby’s wants you to  deal with assisting crew members in achieving restaurant standards.

The management position features qualified candidates with prior experiences in restaurant work and academic degrees while entry level positions require minimal hiring qualifications. According to Zaxby’s, workers in both positions should work to develop the brand successfully.

Zaxby’s Positions and Salary Information

Regional fast food staple Zaxby’s considers factors such as customer service ability, positive attitudes, improved communication skills, reliability and team oriented work ethic of applicants. If you want to get a job at a recognizable and successful restaurant chain, you should apply for crew, cook or manager positions.


Job Description and Duties

The quick-regular restaurant chain offers entry level job opportunities for first time workers. During the hiring process, Zaxby’s looks for motivated and friendly applicants. If you can work intensely and in fast-paced environment, you are likely to be hired. You do not need prior experience for this position. After being hired as a crew member, you often start as a member of a team job. Your primary duties contain operating cash registers, interacting with customers, cleaning, cooking foods, maintaining inventory and manning drive-thru windows. As a crew member, you must work quickly and efficiently, especially on busy days.

Salary and Compensation

Your payment is at minimum wage, but your pay scales increase up to $9.00 or $10.00 per hour as you gain experience. Not only your salary, but also your degree increases in time. Your employer offers you opportunities to move up into managerial roles with higher salary options. Upon hiring, paid training and career development programs will be waiting for you. You also get discounts on food and drink, and free meals at some locations. Zaxby’s also offers employee benefit plans to successful workers, and those benefits are varied from 401(k) retirement plans to healthcare coverage and paid time off.

The corporate headquarters is in Atlanta, and restaurant chain resides primarily in the American South. More than 12 states feature Zaxby’s restaurants, and this means lots of job positions to apply. If you are looking for a temporary fast food work or permanent professional careers, you should apply now.


Job Description and Duties

Assistant manager and general manager job titles are long term careers available at Zaxby’s restaurant chain. Both positions require high school diplomas, previous experience working in the fast food industry. During the hiring process, Zaxby’s looks for workers who excel in entry level team member positions and have leadership ability. Effective organization and communication skills and sympathetic personalities are as desirable as managerial features. Primary job duties contain setting work schedules, arranging shifts, hiring and training new employees, ordering food items and promotion materials, processing payroll, driving sales and ensuring customer satisfaction. Managers also perform entry level job duties.

Salary and Compensation

At Zaxby’s restaurant chain, starting payment is between $8.00 and $9.00 per hourfor managers. Workers with prior experiences starts earning around $10.00 per hour. Most assistant managers’ salary is between $8.00 and $11.00 in an hour while general managers take $30,000 annually pay. There may be increases in annual salary, so you can earn up to $45,000 annually.

You can take advantage of opportunities that Zaxby’s provides its workers. Employer offers both entry level associates and career professionals discounts on food and drink. There also exist employment benefit plans for qualified workers. These benefit plans contain paid vacation and personal time off, 401(k) retirement plans, healthcare coverage and life insurance options. There can be specific work benefits based on location of restaurant.

Cook: A cook’s typical duties include meeting standard sanitary procedures, food preparation, keepingworking environment clean and complying with regulatory measures. Besides the ability to successfully exceed service standards, you should have excellent customer service skills You may have flexible shifts and working hours. The payment is at minimum wage for a cook.

Zaxby’s and Common Positions

Zaxby’s restaurants are mostly located in the Southern United States. Since it offers the best chicken and wings, it has more than 800 fast food locations. Interested individuals can get employment easily as cashier, kitchen staff and shift supervisor depending on experience and skills. In order to hire right employees, employers hold interviews.

Getting Ready For Interview

Applicants must be ready to answer personal questions quickly and surely. They should remark work background, skills, professional references and abilities. Additionally, they should gather all information they can about Zaxby’s and they can study menus and company history to get more hiring consideration.

During Interview

Applicants must wear professional, tidy and clean clothes in order to impress employers. Additionally they must arrive before the interview. Interview questions are mostly about communication and customer service skills. In addition employers pay attention on teamwork abilities and cooperation. In order to make a good impression; applicants must answer questions in complete sentence and give coherent answers.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can you calm an angry customer?
  • Can you handle a fast paced work environment?
  • Why should we hire you?

Work Facts of Zaxby’s

Age Requirement:

  • At least 18 years old

Zaxby’s Working Hours

  • Open every day: 11:00am-10:00pm

Open Positions: 

Counter and Kitchen Staff Member, Crew Member, Opening Specialist, Staff Accountant, Cashier, Cook, Head Cashier, Assistant Manager, General Manager, District Manager, Sales Associate, Customer Service Representative

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply Zaxby’s Jobs: Official Site

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