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Levi’s Online Application

Levi Strauss & Co. was founded in 1853 and it is a global clothier and chain of retailers. Having more than 1000 locations all over the world, Levi’s has a sustained, international success. With this image, Levi’s provides almost 70,000 jobs for experienced job-seekers, career professionals and entry-level workers.

Levi’s Job Opportunitieslevis job applications

Levi’s stores are usually located in shopping malls or outlet stores part of larger shopping centers. The denim retailer is looking for applicants who demonstrate excellent communication abilities and interpersonal skills. Interacting with customers is the key duty of associates. Applicants are expected to energetic, motivated, and knowledgeable in order to make recommendations to customers. These prove to be advantageous during the hiring process.

Levi’s is a long-withstanding brand which put so much importance on the tradition of the company. Stores sell products whose quality is considered equal to the retailer’s. Thus, employees are expected to reflect the similar level of quality and act in accordance with the retailer’s standards and policies. They are expected to greet and attend to customers all the time. Applicants should be aware that they are expected to demonstrate relaxed yet determined personalities during the hiring process.  It is really essential to have in-depth knowledge about the company history and the roles within the retailer. Entry-level workers usually work in part-time positions and they may be required to work weekends and holidays upon employment.

Levi Strauss & Co. Positions and Salary Information

Within the retailer, more stiff requirements are to be met for managerial roles. You can find the necessary information about some of the prevalent job opportunities within the denim retailer below:

Sales Associate – Job seekers who have one or more years of experience can consider applying for a sales associate position in Levi’s. This position can be seasonal, part-time, or full-time. Sales associates are mainly responsible for customer service and sales. These include cashiering, stocking, general maintenance, and greeting patrons. As for the salary, they usually earn $8.00 per hour.

Management – Managers are mainly responsible for supervising entry-level employees and continuing the success of store locations. Assistant managers and store managers are responsible for driving sales, hiring, training, and motivating workers, managing expenses, maintaining inventory and payroll, merchandising products, and preventing theft. They may also be asked to perform minimal physical duties like crawling, standing, kneeling, lifting, pushing, pulling, and balancing. They usually work full-time. As for the salary, they earn $10.00 per hour.

Work Facts of Levi’s

Open Positions: Customer Support Representative, Sales Associate, Sales Lead, Store Manager, Technical Support Representative, Installation Technician, Marketing Associate, Associate Customer Relations Coordinator, Account Executive, Designer, Merchandise Coordinator, Product Development Specialist, Designated Seller, Buyer, Account Associate

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply Levi’s Jobs: Official Site

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