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Wienerschnitzel Online Application

Wienerschnitzel is well established chain of restaurants operating in over 10 states within US. They are best known to make quality hot dogs. They are located mostly around Illinois, in Western US province. They are mostly located around busy neighborhoods in the metropolitan areas. Wienerschnitzel

People who are used to working and travelling are the regular customers. This means that they hire new recruits on regular basis. To apply you may have to look around for job positions within your locality. As they need to serve busy customers so punctuality is one factor for recruits. Apart from this your personal hygiene, availability and attitude are also considered as additional advantage. At entry level you may have to be flexible with work timings.

The moment you apply, you will be contacted within few hours. The moment your application is submitted, you will be contacted by HR team for an interview. In some cases you will be interviewed immediately. In case you find a delay, then you can also contact them over the phone.

The beneficial factors may depend on the job location. You can get to request for discounts on meals, uniforms for free, flexible schedule and attractive pay scale. Apart from this, full time recruits may get to enjoy other benefits including retirement plans, healthcare options, and paid vacations.

Wienerschnitzel Job Opportunities

Due to increasing demand in the hotdog industry, you may find a number of job positions available for full time or part time positions. You can get to join as a crew member, or as trainee for management positions. To apply you have to be at least 16 years of age. Other requirements may be needed for other posts as well.

You may have to display your best work ethics and ability to work in fast paced environment. You may have to often interact with customers and maintain hygiene at the tables. You have to prepare meals for customers and serve them. You will be assisted by your team manager at the entry level. You have to take orders, check with availability of kitchen items, supply orders and collect cash.

Wienerschnitzel Positions and Pay Scales

The fast food chain offers new recruits with best salary package and other benefits. When located at Texas or CA, your pay scale is expected to be much better as compared to other fast food chains. You are also entitled for free uniforms and flexible working hours. You may find some of the most common job positions available as stated below.

Crew Members – This is an entry level job. You will be offered with minimum wage as per the rules. You may have to look into customer service and food preparation. You have to make use of different kitchen appliances including grills and ovens. When at cash counter, you will be handling cash machines. You have to display your best skills in preparing quality food and handling equipment with care. In many chains you may also have to work at the drive through counters. You may have to work for 15 to 30 hours in one week in shifts.

Manager Trainee – this is the next job position above the crew members. To qualify for this position you have to be dedicated and responsible. You will also be offered with probation period. You may have to assist the supervisor and other team members. In house training will be offered for performing administrative services. You may also have to assist new recruits to work well, along with closing and opening tasks. Your pay scale may vary from USD 10 to 30 for an hour.

Management – The moment you complete manager trainee, you will have to take up the responsibility in management skills as supervisor manager, shift manager, restaurant manager or assist other manager. To apply for this job position you need to be of 18 years of age. You also need to have prior experience in relevant field or fast food center. You main roles and duties may depend on your job location. Apart from this you may have to look into various marketing initiatives. Your pay scale may vary between USD 10 to 11 every hour. As a restaurant manager you may also be paid around USD 50,000 annually.

Work Facts of Wienerschnitzel

Minimum Age: 16 years old

Wienerschnitzel Hours of Operation: Open every day: 9:00am – 12:00am

Open Positions: Assistant Manager, Crew Member, General Manager, Manager Trainee, Shift Supervisor

Printable Application PDF/Form: Wienerschnitzel Job Application PDF

How to Apply Wienerschnitzel Jobs: Wienerschnitzel do not accept online job applications or inquiries. Print the job application linked above, and bring it with you to your desired Wienerschnitzel restaurant, and submit your application in-person.

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