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How to fill PDF form?

You can now download the printable format of the application form from the website and fill in all details manually. Weis Market provides with convenience to download and take a printout of the application form. Applicants can go through the details and then fill in manually before submission.

Personal information

This is the first section in which you have to provide with details related to your information. You have to mention your full name, social security number, contact details and address. You also have to acknowledge if you are 18 years of age and allowed to work within US or not. Information related to any past conviction of felony also has to be mentioned in his section along with valid reason. Details related to source referred for the job also has to be mentioned in this section.

Timings available

In this section you have to first provide with details of position you are willing to apply for along with the date when you can get started with your job. You have to give details of your expected salary for week and hour basis. If you are willing to work part time or full time also has to be mentioned along with duration of the day when willing to work. You may have to provide with your availability during the week days in terms of hours and time.

Educational details

In this section applicants have to provide with details related to educational background for school and college along with degree details and name and address of institution. If any major degree then it has to be mentioned along with additional qualifications. If you are still studying then you have to mention your availability for job timings.

Employment history

Applicants have to mention details of their past four employments including name, address (City and street), contact details along with the time of start and end of the employment period. You have to start with the most recent employment details. Apart from this you may have to provide with details related to your supervisor name and contact details. If you are holding any Military service experience then it can be mentioned here.

If you were ever suspended from your past employment then a valid reason has to be mentioned. The company may also request permission to contact your past employers for verification process.


Under this section you have to provide details of two references who can be reached for the verification process for information provided by you. You are expected to provide with name, contact, address and relationship details. You should avoid including details of your relatives.


This section provided with few legal procedures and acknowledgment where you have to acknowledge that all information provided is right to your knowledge. In case any information found false then your services can be terminated immediately. Once you have completed all possible details then you have to sign it and provide with the application date.

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