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Vons is a Southern California and Southern Nevada supermarket chain and a division of Safeway, Inc.vons logo

By applying Vons you may join Vons’s family. At the same time you will be able to look for Vons job postings and apply to any position you like.

Open Positions: Cashier, Stocker, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Delivery Driver, Pharmacy Help Desk Specialist, Pharmacy Technician, Service Desk Shift Supervisor, Checker/Food Clerk, Courtesy Clerk, Deli Clerk, Bakery Clerk, Cake Decorator, Dairy/Frozen Clerk, Meat Clerk, Seafood Wrapper, Meat Cutter, Produce Clerk, Doughnut Fryer

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Vons Job Opportunities

Population factors in the regions where Vons supermarkets are located, affect the services offered and the employment opportunities to a great extent. The store has variety of customers who are looking for luxury products and come from different cultural bases. The stores sell quality products. Delicatessen, meat, seafood, cheese and general grocery products can be purchased from these stores. Regional markets receive products from local farmers. Candidates willing to work with a grocery store should have general grocery knowledge to best serve the ethnic sections of bosses often found in the Southwest supermarket. In addition, it is good for the applicant to have some knowledge of organic products, food allergies and popular brand names.

Candidates wishing to work in Vons should be fluent in both English and Spanish. While it is not necessary to be very talented in both English and Spanish to be employed, the chance of candidates who can speak these two languages is much higher to be hired. It is also a criterion that the health status of the applicants for both part time and full time jobs is good. There are various positions which applicants can apply for.

Vons Employment and Salary Information

The most important thing to know before applying is that this supermarket only considers the applications of 18 and above candidates. In full-time careers and entry-level positions, flexible working hour options, a competitive payment within the supermarket industry, and training opportunities for personal development and professional development are given. Vons regularly recruits in the following positions:


Job Description and Duties

Vons is a good choice for entry level candidates who want to gain experience in the position of cashier. Entry level job seekers do not have to have any experience to apply for cashier positions. The only requirement for the application to be valid is that the candidate is at least 18 years old. Employees regularly communicate with customers. For this reason, it is very important that the cashiers have developed themselves in public relations and that they are in good relationship with the customers. Its main business tasks include selling products to customers, processing various forms of payment, and responding to customer inquiries about Vons products and services. The cashiers should clean their work areas and products when necessary. The cashiers should clean their work areas and products when necessary. The cashiers must have basic math skills. Besides, candidates who are willing to work, who are stylish and well-groomed and able to adapt to flexible work hours, will have all the criteria for cashier.

Salary and Compensation

As a Californian-based company, Vons typically pay workers a high price, considering how expensive it is to live on the West Coast. The cashier’s hourly rate is around $ 12.00. In addition to this competitive salary, Vons offers a range of professional and career training programs designed to prepare entry-level employees to giving them promotions for management and even advanced departments. By promoting better jobs in these stores, you will get higher annual salary options and comprehensive health insurance. Vons operates more than 300 store centers in Nevada and Southern California and regularly recruits entry-level candidates to fill cashier positions.


Job Description and Duties

A Vons store clerk should be able to provide sincere, warm, efficient service to their customers. Some of the important tasks of the clerks are to bag the products of the customers and carry the pockets to the cars when necessary. The clerk working at Vons has a role in stocking products as well as helping customers with aisle. Vons clerks are responsible for checking prices when necessary and for maintaining a clean and tidy store environment. Vons store clerks must follow all health, safety and loss prevention guidelines specified by the company. The clerks working in this store should have positive attitudes and the ability to have excellent communication with customers. A Vons supermarket librarian needs the ability to stand, crouch, bend and walk around the entire shift.

Salary and Compensation

With generous fees paid to its employees and other facilities, Vons is a very convenient and advantageous place to start work. The salary of a new Vons librarian can rise up to $ 9 per hour. The minimum wage is the minimum wage. The clerks have both half-time and full-time working options. In addition, these stores are good places to training and gaining many experiences about this work area. Advantages such as personalized medical plans, prescription medication, dental care, basic life insurance and bank accounts for flexible health spending are additional opportunities offered by Vons to clerks. Store employees can also access future savings benefits such as company-paid pension plans. Advantages offered to retail store staff vary depending on the employee’s position. Please consult your local Vons market for information on current business benefits.


Job Description and Duties

This supermarket chain, well known by the region in southern California, regularly recruits workers at entry level and wants to work with colleagues who care about their careers. Those who want to work as administrators should definitely consider making an application for one of the positions of assistant director or manager. Vons assistant managers work as store managers and are responsible for areas such as closely dealing with the production of milk, delicatessen, meat, frozen foods and seafood, and buying and selling other products. Although specific responsibilities vary from department to department, most assistant store managers have duties such as check entry-level employees, set programs, interact with customers to satisfy purchasing and services, and process payroll.

Vons store managers have similar responsibilities but control general operations of grocery stores. Vons managers must be at least 18 years old at the time of application and must have at least a high school diploma. Additional recruitment requirements include having experience in the grocery sector, having effective leadership and communication skills, and having the ability to organize and transfer daily tasks.

Salary and Compensation

A large percentage of Vons managers start at entry level. Vons offers training courses and career development programs for motivated employees. These training and programs enable professionals to find jobs at the management level. Initially, most assistant shop managers earn $ 40,000 to $ 50,000 a year. Workers can become Vons executives who earn 60,000-80,000 won per year by taking promotions. Vons executives can earn up to $ 100,000 a year depending on their experience in the industry and where they work. The local supermarket chain also offers managers much more advantages than the market standard. Vons’s managers have benefits such as 401 (k) pension plans, paid leave, health insurance, and discounts on Vons products and services. As part of Safeway Inc, Vons receives great support from the nationwide company and ensures that the brand continues to employ new workers as it grows in the Southern California region.

Tips for Applying

What you need to have in the application process depends on the position, department and specific area. Candidates seeking entry-level store work usually receive feedback within a few days. Pharmacy positions and management jobs require recruiters to thoroughly review the applications. To get a better idea of ​​the potential steps for new employees prior to a job, log in to the company website to check the qualifications for each position before making an application.

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