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Von Maur Job Application Online

As an outgrowing and developing company, Von Maur receives applications for different departments of the company. Applicants who would like to work at Von Maur can either provide their online application or directly can contact the human resources. This article mainly focuses on the applicable positions, detailed information about the current open positions and the application procedures. To have a deeper knowledge, only thing you need to do is to follow the requirements given in this article.  Von Maur Job Application

Von Maur, stylized as VON MAUR, is an American department store chain whose 32 stores in fifteen states anchor shopping malls or lifestyle centers. A signature element of Von Maur stores is a live pianist who performs for customers during normal business hours.

Von Maur Job Opportunities & Application Process

Von Maur receives application for open positions almost every season: some of the positions require experience and deeper knowledge in the specific area whereas the rest can be applied by unexperienced employees as well. Applicant who are willing for a position in Von Maur, can apply to the best fit for their future. However, the most important thing to keep in mind that the applicants are strictly expected to fulfill the age requirement. Nevertheless, for entry level positions, there exist no high-level qualification expectance, therefore, the sooner the application is made, the higher change the candidate has.

Sales Associate: In Von Maur’s sales department, employees are assigned tasks in specific departments. These employees are sincerely introducing products and services to customers. These chains often do not seek work experience for this position. But rarely recruiters seek to recruit experienced personnel. Both part-time and full-time jobs are available in the program. The employee at this position will introduce, recommend and sell the products to the customers. After being hired, the employee in this position will be able to earn up to an average hourly wage of 9 dollars, up to 14-15 dollar per hour depending on the department to which he or she is assigned.

The retail properties of the Midwest retail stores are looking for new sales force to be ambitious in their careers along with basic mathematical skills and friendly to their customers and colleagues. Besides that, having detailed knowledge about the products of the chain will also increase the chances of recruitment.

Loss Prevention: Security checks, background cleanups and drug screening are prerequisites for loss prevention career opportunity. The applicants should prove during interview that they have the ability to think quickly and, in addition, they will be reliable workers. There is no part time option in this department. The tasks of workers in the loss prevention department, protecting the company’s assets, ensuring a peaceful environment at work, and resolving customer conflicts.

Reporting daily incidents, ensuring the storage of documents and other tasks require basic writing skills and computer skills. Regional branches pay an average $ 13.00 to $ 15.00 per hour fee for loss prevention workers. The higher the seniority in this department and the higher the performance of the employee is proved to the store authorities, the better the chances of promotion and wage increase.

Management: Von Maur offers only full-time career options in management positions. Those who want to work in the management position in Von Maur chains can also apply for position manager, assistant department manager and store manager positions. The duties of assistant department managers are to recruit staff, to prepare their time schedules and to perform staff inspections.

Department managers are responsible for sales teams and motivate them to work. They are also trained in new product groups and sales techniques. Store managers have programs that include day-to-day tasks such as profitability of products and other items in the store, coordinating the entry of products into stores, and reporting sales and losses to regional and / or corporate offices. Almost always full-time working managers can earn more than $ 60,000 a year on average.

Work Facts of Von Maur

Age Requirement: 16 years old

Von Maur Working Hours Varies by position and department.

Open Positions: Sales Associate, Alterations Associate/Tailor, Cosmetic Sales Associate, Customer Service Desk Associate, Desktop Support Associate, Digital Assistant, Dock Associate, Gift Wrap Associate, Human Resources Assistant, Loss Prevention Associate, Merchandise Processor, New Accounts Associate, Stock and Housekeeping Associate, Photo Editor, Production Editor, Selling Department Manager, Cosmetic Counter Manager, Truck Driver, Visual Merchandiser, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

Von Maur Printable Application Form

If you could not find the proper position for your qualifications and make your online application from the current openings listed above, you would rather check, print and fill in the application form provided below for the position you search for at the nearest Von Maur to your location. The current quota for the position you would like to apply for may have not been updated yet, therefore, you can take your first step to your application by directly have contact with the company.

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply Von Maur Jobs: Official Site.

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