Vino 100 Job Application

vino 100 job application

Vino 100 Online Application

Being a popular name in the world of wine and cigars, Vino 100 is always expanding. Due to this reason, there is always room for including more people in their staff. Professionals can take advantage of this situation and get a suitable job in this organization. Known for its classy service to the clients, Vino 100 offers many benefits to its employees. You will be pleased to work here. With some of the best perks offered to employees, Vino 100 is the best place to work. Employees can see good growth in their career and get a lot of joy from this place. You need a job application for this purpose.

By applying Vino 100 you may join Vino 100’s family. At the same time you will be able to look for Vino 100 job postings and apply to any notices you like.

Open Positions: Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Sales Associate

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply Vino 100 Jobs: Search Job Openings

Vino 100 did not invent wine, but we certainly created a better way to buy it! Let’s face it, shopping for wine has its frustrations. All too often you are confronted with a sea of labels, a lack of information and a whole lot of attitude. The only way to find something you like is through trial and error – an expensive (and not very palatable) proposition.Vino 100 stores are creating a sensation in the booming retail wine market. The New York Timesdescribed our new approach as “turning a purchase requiring special knowledge into something foreveryman, everywhere.” …a user-friendly wine store.

About Vino 100

Vino 100 is one of those rare concepts that people hear about and immediately understand. Quite simply they “get” it. It makes sense. And once in the store as Vino 100 customers, they love it! It is their enthusiastic reactions that motivate us to bring our concept to as many wine lovers as possible.

We developed Vino 100, a different type of wine store. Vino 100 offers our customers a comfortable, affordable and fun way to buy wines. We created a store design that ensures that the wine is the star. Each wine is showcased on its own pedestal accompanied by our unique Vino 100 Wine Barometer™, a graphic, easy-to-understand wine rating and information system. We capture this information in our Wine Palate Computer System, and use it to tailor our marketing efforts to further strengthen our relationship with our customers.

The selection of wines at Vino 100 is based on value. We are constantly searching for those wines which provide the most flavor and expression at the best prices we can find. Forget about looking at scores written by people who do not have any idea what your tastes and preferences might be. It is the interaction between the customer and store personnel, and relationships we establish at Vino 100 which make our stores the place you will want to return to, time and time again.

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