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Urban Outfitters Online Application & Career

Urban Outfitters was founded in 1970 and it has more than 400 retail locations worldwide where it offers multiple brands of apparel. As a company, it focuses on bohemian, a defined style of kitschy, and even hipster fashion trends. Urban Outfitters are looking for employees to add to a growing brand.

Urban Outfitters Job Opportunities

Urban Outfitters are looking for employees who can prove that they are creative yet faithful to traditional hiring norms. The criteria for gaining employment in Urban Outfitters is to be smart, energetic, and confident. It should also be known that individuals with diverse backgrounds are also preferred. In order to gain employment as a sales associate or a team leader, individuals are expected to show their passion about retail. Urban Outfitter offers both full-time and part-time job opportunities. Those who want a career in artist positions have the chance to be employed on storefront displays and design.

Job seekers who are interested in applying for positions in fashion retail can easily find job opportunities such as store managements position in Urban Outfitters. There are also managerial positions offered by the company such as merchandiser manager, assistant manager, store manager. For managerial positions, it is essential to have advanced schooling and at least 2 years of prior work experience in the field.

Urban Outfitters Positions and Salary Information

There are both entry-level and managerial positions offered by the company at each store location. For entry-level positions, it is enough to meet minimal hiring requirements while for managerial positions it is really essential to have further experience and education. It is a must to have a high school diploma or the equivalent. You can find the necessary information about the positions offered by the company below:

Sales Associate : A sales associate is mainly responsible for interacting with customers, providing positive feedback, and working in structured team environments. That is to say, they are considered as the face of the company. A sales associate is expected to help customers make selections, take payments when necessary, keep the stores clean and organized, and restock merchandise as needed. It is really essential for sales associates to possess a strong knowledge about the products sold at stores. As for the salary, sales associates earn the minimum wage while it is possible to increase this amount through time and experience.

Department Supervisor : A department supervisor is responsible for supervising store managers and assistant managers. They are expected to perform a number of duties such as recruiting, training, and coaching of sales teams within each individual store department. Moreover, their main duty is to oversee a designated and assigned area of each Urban Outfitters location. In addition, department supervisors are expected to control all levels of customers service, setting realistic sales goals in compliance with corporate mandates, and delegating projects. As for the salary, they earn more than $38.000 per year.

Management : Job seekers who want a career-oriented position can apply for managerial positions offered by Urban Outfitters. Entry-level employees can go up to managerial positions through time and experience. Managers are mainly responsible for analyzing current trends, developing marketing plans of action, and executing the plans. As for the salary, merchandising managers earn $45.000 per year while store managers earn more than $60.000 per year. It is between $45.000 and $50.000 for assistant managers.

Work Facts of Urban Outfitters

Age Requirement:

  • 18 years old

Urban Outfitters Working Hours

  • Monday-Saturday: 10:00am-9:00pm;
  • Sunday: 11:00am-7:00pm

Open Positions: 

  • Part-Time Sales Associate, Full-Time Sales Associate, Display Artist, Receiver, Team Leader, Store Merchandiser, Department Manager, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Administrative Assistant, Customer Care Specialist, Account Executive, Buyer, Financial Analyst, Internet Marketing Specialist, Visual Intern

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply Urban Outfitters Jobs:  visit Official Site.

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