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United Supermarkets Online Application

United Supermarkets Job ApplicationUnited Supermarkets is a Texas-based grocery store which operates a network of over 50 locations serving more than 1 million guests each week. The supermarket chain is looking for passionate, committed associates who are expected to provide ultimate care for each guest. Having large and full service locations with more than a dozen specialty departments, United Supermarkets offer both part time and full time team member jobs. There are also department manager positions offered to job seekers. Bakery, floral, prepared foods, general merchandise, beer and wine, and produce are among the departments which can be considered for application by job seekers. The supermarket chain also offers specialized opportunities like Taste of Market Street, concierge center, and living well.

United Supermarkets Job Opportunities

United Supermarkets usually promote employees from within. When there are new job vacancies, current employees get an early notice and the opportunity to apply before the general public. Entry level positions can be either part time or full time and it gives employees the opportunity to lead to managerial positions through time. Team member position constitutes the bottom line of the hierarchy at the supermarket which is followed by team leader, assistant department manager, department manager, talent relations manager, assistant director, and finally, the top in-store position, store director.

It is possible for job hunters to search for job openings and review job duties online. To stay updated on future openings and apply for multiple roles, applicants are advised to submit an online application or create a personal profile. It only takes 20 minutes to complete the form. To be able to gain employment in an entry level position, applicants are required to be at least 16 years old while there are also positions whose requirement is 18 or 21.

United Supermarkets Employment and Pay Scales

United Supermarkets is a leading employer in Texas, which has more than 10,000 employees. The grocery chain frequently offers job opportunities in entry level positions. Moreover, there are also managerial positions offered to experienced professionals. Both full time careers and entry level positions provide employees with flexible scheduling options and competitive pay in the supermarket industry. Team members are provided with generous hourly pay while earns lucrative salary options are offered to the managers. You can find the necessary information about the positions offered by the company below:

Sacker – Working in the frontend bagging groceries, a sacker at United Supermarkets is responsible for loading bags into customer vehicles. When there is necessity, sackers are expected to carry out product returns and general housekeeping. Moreover, there are also duties assigned by the managers sackers are expected to perform. The grocery chain is looking for applicants who possess friendly, customer-oriented attitudes. What is more, it is essential for applicants to have the ability to lift over 40 pounds regularly and up to 80 pounds occasionally for hiring consideration. When it comes to the salary, sackers earn the minimum wage in the beginning. It is also possible for sackers to progress into higher-level jobs with higher salaries.

Checker – Checkers are responsible for carrying out guest relations and ensuring satisfaction. At United Supermarkets, a checker is required to take care of all checkout and frontend courtesy tasks, such as running cash registers, checking prices, answering customer questions, and signing up customers for rewards cards. Moreover, there are also additional duties which include spill cleanup as well as general frontend cleaning and display organization. It is also highly possible for checkers to perform sacker duties when it is necessary. When it comes to the salary, checkers usually earn the minimum wage in the beginning and this amount can be increased through time and experience.

Food Service Clerk – this is a deli position which requires employees to prepare and cook fresh, quality foods. Food service clerks are responsible for providing warm greetings and taking orders when guests enter the deli. The chain is looking for food service clerks who will be able to properly package, weigh, and price customer orders. It is essential for food workers to monitor production dates and rotate out old or expired foods in order to ensure freshness. Applicants must be aware that sanitation is held very important at United Supermarkets. Therefore, it stands essential for food workers to maintain clean and organized kitchens and follow all health and safety guidelines outlined by the company. When it comes to the salary, a food service clerk earns around $9.00 per hour.

Open Positions: Cashier, Grocery Store Clerk, Wine Department Clerk, Night Stocker, Food Service Clerk, Baker, Cake Decorator, Produce Clerk, Checker, Market Cleanup, Sacker, Pharmacy Technician, Dish Retail Clerk, Bakery Department Clerk, Maintenance Technician, Dishwasher, Sales and Sampling Clerk, Assistant Service Manager, Service Manager, Meat Clerk, Meat Wrapper, Meat Cutter, Cleaning Specialist, Assistant Store Manager

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