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United States Postal Service Online Application & Career

By applying United States Postal Service you may join United States Postal Service’s family. At the same time you will be able to look for United States Postal Service job postings and apply to any notices you like.

Open Positions: Customer Service Representative, Mail Handler, Package Handler, Postal Carrier, Driver, Postmaster

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Career with United States Postal Service (USPS)

United States Postal Service offers opportunities for individuals who are graduated within two years from a university. Such opportunities include internships and training programs for individuals seeking for job experience and required skills. Applicants must be citizens of U.S. or American Samoa or other U.S. territory. Company pays attention on the hiring process; applicants go through several background and employment checks, drug tests and medical history screenings.

Positions and Wages

USPS offers range of career chances; both in full time and part time. Interested individuals can apply online. Some positions are listed below:

Mail Handler Assistant – Mail handler assistants perform manual labor. Applicants must have physical stamina; since they bend, kneel and stand up during work. Associates generally handle mail duties; they load, unload and move bulk mail. In addition; they may use basic machines. Employees earn 15 to 17 dollars an hour.

Carrier – Carriers deliver mail under any weather condition. They almost all the time walk or drive a delivery car. Interested individuals must have perfect stamina. Carriers earn 20 dollars an hour.

Retail Clerk – Clerks are formally called PSE sales, service and distribution associates. They communicate with customers all the time. Interested individuals must have perfect communication and sales skills since they also sell stamps and other postal products. Clerks earn about 15 dollars an hour.

How to Apply

Company accepts applications online and helps individuals with resources on the company website. Applicants should start by creating a profile to application process. Do not start before reading the job description carefully.

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