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United States Army Online Application

Not many people are aware of the fact how soldiers have to undergo training at the job. People believe that solders are just not qualified to work within the civilian job positions. They may be well trained for dealing with combat situations, but still they are offered with numerous training sessions. The army always ensures that the soldier is prepared to use all combat tools and techniques. This is important for protection of the borders for any country. Apart from this, soldiers are well prepared in other areas as well.

Job Opportunities at United States Army

The US army offers its soldiers with one of the most diverse careers within US. The army offers and recruits candidates for over 150 different career positions. The moment you join the army from medical field you can expect to get trained to be a dentist, surgeon, family doctor or even more who are experts in this field. Apart from this, the US army also offers professional training in other fields as well including finance manager, aviations, engineer, software professional or logistics.

Become an officer in the US Army benefits

To be an officer in the US army, it is certain that candidates have to reflect their outstanding character and interest level. These are the people who are termed as future managers who serve the US army. They are well trained for taking any decision when under stress and pressure. They are also responsible for ensuring the safety of all other women and men who are under their direct or indirect command.

One of the main benefits of being an officer in Army is that it offers and adds a lot of pride to you and makes you efficient to working in civilian job posts as well. The fact is that in the army, a high value is offered for discipline and skills of being a good leader. So the moment you have to apply for any management post job if you are an army officer, you will immediately be selected. There are a number of people who have served as a leader or as the former president of US and aim at becoming an US army officer.

You can also volunteer being an army officer fulltime or part time basis. When employed as full time officer, you will have to serve your services in army installations and units. The salary will be offered for your full time services along with benefits.

When working on part time basis, you may not have to stay at the army installation units. You can concentrate on your career outside the army as well and enjoy all army benefits at the same time.

Can I Join the Army with a Misdemeanor on My Record?

It depends. We believe in giving young offenders a second chance and will judge each case on its merits. The important thing is to be honest with recruiting staff about any unspent convictions or pending court cases you have. You may be told to wait for a period before joining.

Work Facts of United States Army

Age Requirement:

  • 17-35 years old

Open Positions: Engineer Officer, Cryptologic Linguist, Warrant Officer Corps, Computer/Detection Systems Repairer, Cryptologic Linguist, Cryptologic Network Warfare Specialist, Geospatial Intelligence Imagery Analyst, Information Technology Specialist, Intelligence Analyst, Microwave Systems Operator-Maintainer

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply United States Army Jobs: Official Site

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