Trader Joe’s Job Application

Trader Joe’s Online Application

Excellent career opportunities and unique work environments are available at Trader Joe’s. The supermarket chain has more than 350 locations and it aims to add fresh talents to its existing teams. The aim of the nationwide grocer is to promote supportive atmospheres which are focused on employee success. Moreover, employees are expected to wear fun Hawaiian-shirt uniforms which replace the traditional grocery smocks or business attire. The supermarket is looking for new employees who able to have fun on the job and adapt to the exciting, free-spirited company culture. What is more, it is essential for applicants to demonstrate that they possess strong desire to support others and provide enjoyable shopping experiences to gain hire.Trader Joe’s Job Application

Trader Joe’s Job Opportunities

There are entry level positions available in customer service and food production. These positions are usually part time while it is also possible for employees to lead to full time positions. Within the company, employees are evaluated twice a year to consider whether they can advance into managerial positions or not. Job seekers who want to apply for one of the positions in the company need to submit their applications in person by visiting one of the stores. It is possible for job seekers to collect application forms from stores and submit it while it is also possible to download it online and then turn in.

At Trader Joe’s, in addition to entry level positions, there are also managerial positions available to those who have strong leadership skills. The chain aims to eliminate bureaucracy. That is why, managerial positions only include assistant manager and manager, which are referred to as mate and captain. Resumes, cover letters, and salary histories are to be submitted online in order to apply for management positions at Trader Joe’s. As for the cover letter, applicants are expected to answer the following questions: “Why do you wish to work for the company?”, “Where is the closest store to you?”, “Would you relocate? If so, what parts of the country would you move to?”, and finally, “What is your favorite product that we sell and why?”

Trader Joe’s Positions and Pay

Both those who are looking for entry level positions and those with a career path in their minds are provided with generous initial rewards by Trader Joe’s. The company continues to add enticement later on. The supermarket chain provides the employees with some of the highest pay rates in the grocery store industry. You can find the necessary information about the positions offered by the chain below:

Store Crew – this is an entry level position which requires employees to care for all aspects of operations since there is no formal division of labor at the store level. In general, store crews are mainly responsible for ensuring that customers receive exceptional service. It is possible for store crews to run the cash register one day and build displays and stock shelves the other day. To promote products and deals, store crew workers with artistic skills may be asked to make signs using chalk. Those who believe themselves in terms of wine knowledge can find career paths in the liquor department. It is also possible for individuals with passion for cooking to transfer to the kitchen counter and assist in the planning and preparation of deli foods. When it comes to the salary, store crews usually earn $10.00 per hour, which can be increased up to $20.00 per hour.

Mate – A mate at Trader Joe’s has the title of a store manager or assistant manager. At each store of the chain, there are a team including several mates. A mate is mainly responsible for supporting captains in store-operations responsibilities. Supervising and training staff, merchandising and inventory monitoring, and resolving customer issues are included among the key duties of a mate. This is considered as the highest position individuals may hire directly into at Trader Joe’s. Most of the time, it is possible for crew members to advance into a mate title. When it comes to the salary, mates usually earn between $20.00 and $40.00 per hour.

Captain – A captain at Trader Joe’s works as a store manager. They are mainly responsible for customer satisfaction. They are required to ensure that every customer enjoys a first-rate shopping experience. Within the company, all captains are former mates who have earned promotion into this title.  In order to do this, mates are required to go through a 12-month Regional Mobile Thriver Program, or RMT Program. It is essential for applicants to have five or more years of management experience and bachelor’s degrees. When it comes to the salary, captains usually earn between $85,000 and $105,000 per year.

Open Positions: Crew Member, Cashier, Sign Artist, Food Demonstrator, Novitiate / Supervisor, Second Mate / Assistant Manager, Training Captain / Store Manager, Office Crew Member

Printable Application PDF/Form: Trader Joe’s Application 

How to Apply Trader Joe’s Jobs: Find Store

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