Top 5 Resume Keywords

Top 5 Resume Keywords

What are the Top 5 Resume Keywords recruiters look for?

Enhancing your resume is one of the most important factors in making a good impression in the eyes of the recruiters. While going through the resumes most of the HR of a company looks for some of the important keywords in it. Below have been discussed Top 5 Resume Keywords which will surely help in promoting your valuable skills to the recruiters.


Highlighting your quality of being punctual in the work place is one of the important points which most of the recruiters look for. You should get a certificate of punctuality from your former employer in order to make your resume more authentic.

Solving problem

The above is also one of Top 5 Resume Keywords which most of the recruiters search in the resume of the job seekers. The quality defines the strength of a job seeker to face various types of challenges in the work place. The above quality also helps to determine whether the applicant has the required skill of problem solving and ultimately have the ability to meet the goals of the company.

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Good leadership

Most of the recruiters nowadays look for the experience on leadership in the resumes of the job seekers. Employers want that the candidate to whom they are selecting must have the quality of leadership and thereby should also be able to communicate or demonstrate the ideas and goals of the company with confidence.


Team Building

Team building is a vital quality which is extremely needed to achieve the goals of a company in an effective way. A job seeker must possess the ability to work as a team with his co- workers to meet the objectives of the company.


Being loyal to the company is also an important quality that recruiters look for in a candidate. The above quality shows that you will expand your career to new heights by being loyal to the company.


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