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The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf Job Application PDF

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Complete Procedure for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Application online

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf offers job opportunities and job seekers are able to apply for the positions they like by filling and submitting the form which can be found online. The application form can be found online in the printable format. So, applicants can fill it out with current details and then submit for evaluation. After filling the form, applicants can also submit it by visiting the store’s HR department.

Submitting the application form in person proves to be advantageous since applicants get the chance to meet the HR managers in person and show their best communication skills. Moreover, submitting the form in person also speeds up the hiring process. Another advantage is that upon submitting the form HR department can conduct an on the spot interview for the applicants.

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The below stated list offers with step by step guidelines for applicants to print and fill in all required details when applying for Job at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Personal Information

Upon collecting the hard copy of the application form, applicants are required to start the hiring process by filling in the detailed information. The application form begins with personal information. In this section, individuals are expected to state their last, first, and middle names as the first step. After that, their current address, and previous address (if any) must be stated. In addition to these, home phone, work phone (if any) and e mail address must be filled in.

Since this section required applicants to provide contact details in general, social security number must also be stated. After that, there is a question about providing proof of employment authorization and identity within 3 days of employment. Applicants are expected to answer to this question as yes or no. There is another question regarding the age of the applicant. This company hires employees who are of legal age and in this section applicants are expected to state that they are of legal age to be involved in the hiring process. The last question is about any restrictions that will prevent the applicant from performing the essential duties. If the applicant has any of these, he/she is required to state it in this section.

Educational Qualification

In this section, applicants are expected to provide the details regarding their educational background. This section requires applicants to provide educational information regarding name, contact details, total credits completed, type of degree, and major and minor GPA. Moreover, in this section applicants need to state whether they graduated or not.

Employment Interests

In this section, applicants are required to state the position that they would like to apply. Moreover, this section gives applicants the opportunity to state the pay amount desired. In that sense, this form is a great chance for applicants to demonstrate what exactly they expect from the company. What’s more, applicants need to state the dates of availability.

This section also requires applicants to state whether they are currently employed or not. If yes, the name of the company and the position must be filled in the form. Applicants, here, should also state their preference about the scheduling. In other words, they are supposed to state whether they want a full-time or a part-time position. At the end of this section, applicants are supposed to provide information about their availability to work shifts when necessary.

Availability Hours

In this section, applicants are expected to provide the number of hours they are available each day of the week from Sunday to Saturday.
Under that table, there is a question regarding the quality of customer service of applicants. Here, applicants are expected to briefly describe how their customer service is in their own words. After that, there is another question regarding the applicant’s tendency to drink coffee or tea products during the day. Here, applicants should state how often they drink coffee or tea during the day. Since this is a company about tea and coffee, applicants are expected to have some idea about its products. So, there is a question about how they happen to know about this company’s job vacancy.

History of Work Experience

This section requires applicants to provide detailed information regarding their previous work experience. Here, applicants should list the companies they worked for starting with the most recent one. What they are expected to provide about these companies is the company name, address, position title, duties performed, and the name of the supervisor.

Upon providing all the details about the previous work experience, applicants are expected to answer the question which requires them to state whether they allow this company to contact their present employer if any. Moreover, applicants are also required to state whether any of their relatives work for the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.


In this section of the application form, applicants are expected to provide contact details of their references if there is any. When filling in this section, applicants should provide the name, occupation, main telephone, and the years known of their references. This section is important in the sense that it gives the company to chance to learn more about you in terms of working performance.


If applicants have served the US military services, they are expected to provide the details about it.

And at the end of the page, applicants are required to state the date and sign the paper after reading the paragraph regarding the conditions of employment.

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