TGI Friday’s Job Application

TGI Friday’s Online Application

As a chain, TGI Friday’s has more than 1,000 locations. Job seekers who want to gain employment in entry level positions and those who want to follow a career path are able to find job opportunities with TGI Friday’s. TGI Friday’s is looking for employees who have culinary backgrounds. Moreover, it is also essential for applicants to demonstrate enthusiasm to work in customer service in order to find gainful employment with the chain.

TGI Friday's Job ApplicationTGI Friday’s Job Opportunities

With eclectic menus, TGI Friday’s provides the customers with fun and exciting atmospheres where they can spend time with their families. TGI Friday’s has unique branding and menu selections which draw customers to the chain. Moreover, this branding and menu selections are important in the sense that they facilitate ongoing needs to hire employees. TGI Friday’s is looking for employees who are bright and personable and the restaurant chain expects employees to serve food, seat guests, prepare meals, and supervise kitchen, hosting, and serving teams. Applicants should be aware that almost all positions at TGI Friday’s requires availability to work irregular schedules which include working late and weekend hours. What’s more, it is also expected from employees to memorize available menus before hiring.

TGI Friday’s is looking for employees who are able to promote and engender positive dining experiences which are catered to individual patron needs. Job seekers who believe themselves to be extroverted, timely, and responsible have great advantage during the hiring process since the restaurant chain is looking for employees who possess these qualities. It is also essential for applicants to demonstrate that they are able to work in teams to complete daily tasks. In every location of TGI Friday’s, the number of entry-level workers is between 20 to 30. As long as the applicants demonstrate the right attitudes, there is no chance to miss the chance to gain employment at this restaurant chain.

TGI Friday’s Employment and Pay Information

There is an age requirement to gain consideration because of the laws pertaining to the sale and distribution of alcohol. Applicants are required to be at least 18 years old to gain consideration for employment. But there are also positions in front-of-house operations which allows employees who are as young as 16 to work with the restaurant chain. Besides entry level positions, there are also managerial positions offered by TGI Friday’s to job seekers who want to follow a career path. Managerial positions provide employees with competitive salary options and full time schedules. You can find the necessary information about the positions offered by the restaurant chain below:

Server – In order to gain employment in this position, applicants are required to be at least 18 years old. Moreover, it is also essential for applicants to be able to lift heavy objects since this position requires physical labor. Servers usually work in loud and often distracting work environments. So, it is very important for servers to think quickly and work efficiently. Moreover, paying attention to customer needs is a must to the position of servers. Applicants who want to gain employment as servers are required to have groomed appearances, neat dress, and smiling personalities. Servers are mainly responsible for taking and serving food and drinks, ringing up sales, and issuing change and receipts. Before official employment, servers are provided with paid training. As for working hours, servers usually work between 15 and 30 hours each week. When it comes to the salary, servers usually earn $2.00 or $3.00 per hour and they also earn tips.

Bartenderas a restaurant chain, TGI Friday’s sells alcohol besides food. Job seekers who are looking for full-time employment with high pay scales can take the chance and apply for bartender position at TGI Friday’s. Bartenders are mainly responsible for taking and serving drink orders. Moreover, they are also expected to answer customer questions regarding company policies. As for working hours, bartenders work 6 or 8 hours at in-house-bars. Bartenders are expected to maintain personable and outgoing attitudes. Applicants applying for this position are expected to have the basic ability to use computers since they will be responsible for ringing up drink orders and completing transactions on electronic cash registers. Bartenders may also be asked to serve food since patrons regularly orders meals from the bar. Bartending associates are also expected to maintain good appearances. Moreover, it is a must to pass bar certification courses in order to be employed as a bartender at TGI Friday’s. When it comes to the salary, bartenders usually earn $10.00 per hour, which totally depends on the location.

Dishwasher – this position is included in back-of-house operations and it is an entry level position. Dishwashers are mainly responsible for cleaning, washing, and drying utensils for reuse by kitchen staff and patrons. Applicants applying for this position should be aware that they will be expected to work thoroughly and efficiently upon employment. Dishwashers are expected to keep up with demands for silverware, dishes, and kitchen equipment. Moreover, they are responsible for ensuring full and proper sanitization. It’s important for dishwashers to work with caution since broken dishes may lead to termination. When it comes to the salary, as an entry level position, dishwashers usually earn the minimum wage.

Work Facts of TGI Friday’s

Age Requirement:

  • 16 years old

TGI Friday’s Working Hours

  • Varies by location

Open Positions:

  • Host / Hostess, Restaurant Manager, Bartender, Server, Line Cook, Prep Cook, Dishwasher, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Restaurant Manager, Maintenance Technician, Facilities Technician Assistant, Maintenance Mechanic, Production Supervisor, Quality Assurance Technician, Marketing Intern, Sales Manager,  Server, Bartender, Busser

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