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Super H Mart Job Application

Super H Mart Job Application Online

Super H Mart wants to grow up with the employees they will get for different departments. Candidates who want to work at Super H Mart can apply online or communicate directly with human resources.
You must submit your job application correctly to the positions that are open to work at Super H Mart. Here you can find out which conditions you need to meet and how to apply for a Super H Mart job. Super H Mart

Super H Mart looks for individuals who are career oriented and creative. Furthermore, this shopping chain gives value for maintaining and developing partnership with other team members. Along with that, the company is known as an Asian-inspired supermarket firstly founded in Queens, New York in 1982. Therefore, individuals who are keen on Asian or oriental cultures or products earn preference for employment during the hiring process. Speaking an Asian language or prior experience in this field also will increase their luck for filling a position at Super H mart.

Super H Mart Job Opportunities & Application Process

Super H Mart is applying for open positions almost every season: it does not require much qualification for some positions, but in many positions experience and quality are at the forefront. Even though the completion level of the graduation is not expected at the entry level, there is a expectation of graduation for higher-level positions requiring proficiency.
If you meet these requirements, you should apply to the relevant position and wait for the result of the application.

Cashier: Cashiers working for Super H Mart are commonly responsible for greeting visitors, meeting the required items for customers if necessary, also providing change and processing card transactions. Good communication skills pose an extravagant importance for cashier position.  They earn minimum starting payment an hour.

Clerk: Clerks are in change of customer service at Super H mart. In other words, they exist in the stores for welcoming stores and provide customers with necessary information about goods or services. They answer questions, react to customer’s complaints and cope with them in a good manner. Clerks earn minimum starting paymentan hour.

Management: Management positions at Super H Mart include supervisors, assistant managers and department managers. Applicants should possess previous experience in management field. In addition, the company necessitates candidates to have capabilities of learning one or two Asian languages such as Mandarin Chinese or Korean. Managers at Super H market possess certain traditional duties such as monitoring staff members, leading and training them by examples. They can work full-time or part time.Supervisors generally earn up to around $10.00 or $11.00 an hour. Assistant store managers can earn between $30,000 and $40,000 per year, which depends on their performance. As to store managers’ yearly wage, it is about $60,000.

Work Facts of Super H Mart

Age Requirement:

  • 16 years old

Super H Mart Working Hours

  • Varies by position and department.

Open Positions:

Cashier, Customer Service Agent, Stock Clerk, Department Manager, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

Super H Mart Printable Application Form

You can download Super H Mart printable job application form from the bottom of the page to your device. You must read the job application form carefully and complete the job application. Please note that some companies cannot find the job application form online.
Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply Super H Mart Jobs: Official Site.

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