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By applying Southern California Edison you may join Southern California Edison’s family. At the same time you will be able to look for Southern California Edison job postings and apply to any position you like.Southern California Edison

Open Positions: Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, Lineman, Grounds Crew Member, Electrician, Electric Technician, Electrical Engineer, Project Engineer, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Planning Analyst, Scheduler, Dispatcher, Estimator, Claims Adjuster, Software Developer

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Southern California Edison Job Opportunities

This is the primary electrical source for most of Southern California. Because the service areas are in the area of ​​50.000 square miles and it has the energy equipment, the electricity transmission facilities and equipment and the hydroelectric power plants in this service area. The regulated gas and water operated by SCE, Avalon, and CA is also available under the name Catalina Island Gas and Catalina Island Water Company.

Working with people who are working towards the future of energy is a policy of this company. Creative candidates must fill out job applications to use smarter grids, produce cleaner energy, and create energy-saving vehicles. There are a number of things that will be of great benefit during the application process for candidate workers: having experience in the electrical transmission system, information technology and / or customer service and being trained.

SCE is a public service company highly respected by various applications and wants to work with people who have a unique perspective to take companies forward. Innovation, creativity and cooperation are always protected in this workplace. The life experiences, culture, ethnic origins and gender of each employee in this area are always respected here. In 2014, Southern California Edison’s West Coast energy provider ranks number one in the Annual Diversity Report on Diversity, Inc. and LatinaStyle list this company every month, among the top 50 places to work. The energy supplier also proudly supports war veterans. It also uses the skills and abilities of military members to fill positions.

Southern California Edison Career and Salary Information

Almost all areas have staff vacancies. Candidates with a high school diploma or a certificate equivalent to a high school diploma have the opportunity to work in the field or in the office. In addition, there are management, institutional and professional ones among the areas where employment can be achieved. In many departments where you can work with this company, you need to be able to interact and communicate with customers or at least with co-workers and other agencies. Workers should also be interested in the energy industry and contribute to community development. Frequently inexperienced but qualified candidates are employed in the following positions:

Administrative Aide – These employees regularly perform general administrative and official duties. Reviewing and processing mail, organizing and finalizing documents, and planning meetings are among the general tasks and responsibilities of workers in this department. The ideal education level for studying in this department is a high school diploma. And it is very good that you can get a salary of 15.00-16.00 USD per hour here.

The candidate’s past work experience creates a privilege for recruitment if he or she is to work in management or as a secretary. Candidates should also have experience with billing and tracking, which will be taken into consideration by human resources. Sometimes, administrative aides use computer software such as Microsoft Excel to track the progress of projects and tasks.

Substation Operator – For those who have the appropriate qualifications, the fee paid to employees in this department is increased by $ 19.00 per hour. Having a lot of knowledge about electricity and having knowledge about basic physics helps to gain employment. The required skills are normally earned in high school education and may also be earned in trainings from older business positions. Highly motivated people work under the supervision of changing chiefs to examine vehicles and equipment.

Employees in here, must follow step-by-step instructions to safeguard consumption materials and restore merchandise. Substation Operators should be able to read measuring instruments and counters, be able to recognize abnormal conditions in the instruments and counters they read. Occasionally, they are also expected to help with general cleaning and gardening.

Operations Analyst – Operational analysts are required to prepare electronic charts and written reports on key initiatives for management use. Operational analysts put together and interpret the findings of the work undertaken and present them in clear, brief summaries based on actual evidence. The employees in this position must perform administrative tasks such as planning, meeting agenda and taking notes. Having associate degree offers competitive advantages to work in this area.

Furthermore, it is not compulsory for applicants to have an associate degree, and experience may be sufficient. Hourly rates start at $ 15.00 and can go up to $ 17.00 with advanced experience and training. Workers must work at their highest performance because they need to gather enough information to interact with stakeholders and support their meeting goals. They are also under pressure at the same time and are trying to handle many tasks at the same time.

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