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Shiekh Shoes Job Application

Shiekh Shoes Job Application Online

Shiekh Shoes wants to grow up with the employees they will get for different departments. Candidates who want to work at Shiekh Shoes can apply online or communicate directly with human resources.
You must submit your job application correctly to the positions that are open to work at Shiekh Shoes. Here you can find out which conditions you need to meet and how to apply for a Shiekh Shoes job. Shiekh Shoes Job Application

Shiekh Shoes began its vision of expansion in 1991. Since then, the company has enjoyed the success of opening stores in many of California’s premiere malls. With the combination of dedication, management and the right product lines, Shiekh is now poised as a major retailer in the shoe and apparel industries. Shiekh is very proud of the high standard of performance from our trained and experienced staff members. Our product buyers work hand in hand to create an enhanced buying experience for the consumers. With communication coming in from all product buyers, the marketing department, individual store management and Shiekh himself, we are able to put the highest level of product mixes in all of our locations. Our philosophy is service first. Putting our associates together with our product lines creates a winning team atmosphere. With a centralized distribution center located in Ontario, CA, we have the capability to receive, process and deliver the merchandise within 24 hours of all initial shipments coming in from our vendors. Our corporate headquarters and full time staff of warehouse personnel work as a tight unit, and therefore have unmatched efficiency in product distribution to all our retail locations. We also have the capability to stock any excess inventory in the warehouse so special orders can all be done in-house. You can find us in every major mall in California from Sacramento to San Diego. We have 79 locations in California, 5 in Nevada, 11 in Arizona, 11 in Texas, 2 in New Mexico, 1 in Oregon, 6 in Illinois, 8 in Michigan, and 5 in Washington. Please take a moment to review our ever-growing list of retail locations.

Shiekh Shoes Job Opportunities & Application Process

Shiekh Shoes is applying for open positions almost every season: it does not require much qualification for some positions, but in many positions experience and quality are at the forefront. Even though the completion level of the graduation is not expected at the entry level, there is a expectation of graduation for higher-level positions requiring proficiency.
If you meet these requirements, you should apply to the relevant position and wait for the result of the application.

Sales Associate –  Sales associates usually work part-time or from season to season and they can be considered as the face of the shoe retailer. They are mainly responsible for interacting with customers and selling merchandise to customers. Moreover, they are also in charge of restocking, replenishing items to maintain display. Taking various forms of payments and using suggestive selling techniques to maximize sales are also in their responsibility. Applicants should know that sales associates may be asked to perform physical activities like bending, lifting, standing, and climbing. As for the salary, sales associates usually earn the minimum wage.

Management –  Managers are expected to work towards the aim of maximizing the profits and minimizing the loss. So, they are expected to perform a number of duties. Assistant managers and store manager are responsible for performing administrative tasks and they work together. In order to maintain strong and viable working teams, the company hires from within. Manager are generally in charge of hiring, training, scheduling, and coaching subordinate employees. Moreover, they are expected to provide expertise in customer service practices. When it comes to the salary, they usually earn $40,000 per year.

Work Facts of Shiekh Shoes

Age Requirement:

  • 16 years old

Shiekh Shoes Working Hours

  • Varies by position and department.

Open Positions:

Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

Shiekh Shoes Printable Application Form

You can download Shiekh Shoes printable job application form from the bottom of the page to your device. You must read the job application form carefully and complete the job application. Please note that some companies cannot find the job application form online.

Printable Application PDF/Form: Shiekh Shoes Application

How to Apply Shiekh Shoes Jobs: Official Site

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