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Scheels Online Application & Career

Open Positions: Optics Shop Manager, Full-Time Display Associate, Rifle Shop Manager, Full-Time Merchandise Receiver, Part-Time Archery Sales Specialist, Team Apparel Shop Manager, Full-Time Gun Room Manager, Part Time Bow Technician, Part Time Ferris Wheel Operator, Full-Time Maintenance, Full-Time Fishing Manager, Part Time Visa Associate, Part-Time Day Time Cashier, Part Time Bike Sales.

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

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Career with Scheels

Scheels provides shopping experiences with the best customer service. Thus, the company chooses to hire individuals who are motivated, positive, friendly and kind. Also applicants must be able to work in fast paced environments and under pressure. The company provides specialized customer service and associates must have extensive knowledge about the department they work in such as sports apparel, footwear, fashion, hunting, fishing, basketball or any team sport. The company also rewards hard working employees and tries to hire individuals who would make great team leaders.
The company assists employees with ongoing trainings. Associates have coaches during working and receive detailed training at the beginning. This helps employees to build a strong career.

Positions and Wages

The company offers a lot of jobs; since most of them are specialized in one department such as fitting rooms, camping, fishing, archery, firearms, shoes and pro sports departments. In order to apply entry level positions, applicants must be at least 16 years old but some positions may require applicants to be at least 18 years old. Some entry level positions are listed below:
Cashier – Generally, cashiers ring up purchases, scan them, operate cash registers and handle payments. Before starting and after finishing the shift, cashiers count the balance of the cash register drawer to ensure accuracy and during working hours, employees are also responsible of cleanliness of work area. In addition, cashiers answer customers’ questions. In order to do that, associates must have knowledge about products, store layout and special offers. If customers ask a question that they do not know, they direct them to department specialists. Cashiers start earning with minimum wage.
Sales Associate – Sales associates focus on customer service. They assist them through shopping with their product and sports knowledge. They create advertising presentations and lay merchandise. Additionally, they stock shelves, check inventory and keep the store organized. Sales associates work specialized in a department such as fishing or sports. Thus applicants must have detailed knowledge about that department. They also need excellent communication and sales skills. Sales associates start earning with 8.50 dollars an hour.
Fitting Room Attendant – Fitting room attendants guide and assist customers while they try on new clothes in fitting rooms. They bring new clothes, search store and inventory to find the best fitting one and lead them to cashiers. Attendants must check the amount of clothes customers take while they get in and out of the fitting room to prevent loss. Since the attendants recommend and try to sell products, they must have interest and excellent knowledge about fashion and new trends. Associates earn 9 dollars an hour.

How to Apply

Interested individuals can apply online within a few seconds. Applicants answer questions regarding their contact information, experience and work background and education during online application process. Managers may want to run a few background and criminal tests to see if answers are true; thus applicants should give current and true information.

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