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Sally Beauty Supply Job Application PDF

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How to Fill out the Sally Beauty Supply PDF Application

Job seekers who want to be a part of Sally Beauty Supply can download the printable application form from the website of the company. The application form generally involves sections of personal information, education histories, and work histories. Moreover, there are also sections where applicants are asked to response as yes or no and sections where they are asked to choose from the lists of possible choices. It is essential to use blue or black ink on the form in order to ensure legibility.

Personal Information

At the head of the first page, there appears lines for the date, position applied, salary expectations, and first available start date. Here, applicants are requested to provide contact information which generally consists of names, addresses, phone numbers. Moreover, applicants are also required to state whether they are of legal age to work. Another point is to state whether applicants have the legal permission to work in the United States. This section also asks applicants to state any non-complete agreements with other companies, possession of valid driving permits, licenses, and certifications.

What is more, this section wants applicants to provide information about their criminal history. If applicants have been convicted for any crime within the last seven years, they are supposed to indicate that in this section. These crimes include any act of violence, sex, fraud, theft, stalking, property damage, and drug use. Applicants are asked to provide the dates of these convictions. They are also supposed to elaborate what took place. Besides afore mentioned information, this section wants multilingual applicants to list the languages that they can speak.

At the top of this section, there appears four sets of checkboxes, which represent different levels of education. What applicants are asked to do is to mark off the highest levels of education personally attained. In the case of currently carrying degrees, applicants may skip this part and go directly to the right of the section where they can list degree types on the line. Moreover, in this section applicants are asked to provide information about their availability on the graph. Lastly, there are also questions about the company and requirements expected to be met by the applicants.

Work History

Here, applicants are asked to provide information about their previous work experience. The information that they are supposed to provide involves employer names, addresses, and phone number, past job titles, responsibilities, former supervisor names and titles, reasons for leaving, and starting and ending salary options. Moreover, applicants are also asked to provide the dates of employment. The permission of the applicants to contact the past employers is also asked.


References are important in the sense that they allow hiring managers to access to broader pictures of personalities and professional abilities. Applicants are free to list 3 people outside of family relations as their references. Acceptable references include former schoolmates and/or teachers, former coworkers or supervisors, and other personal, unrelated contacts are accepted as references.


Here, applicants are asked to read the statements about the legality of the forms, the hiring process, and status as an employee upon hire. Applicants are advised to read this section properly before signing and finalizing.

Download Sally Beauty Supply Application Form

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