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Round Table Pizza Online Application & Career

Round Table Pizza has provided qualitied pizza service for over 57 years. From 1959 to nowadays, they create innovative and creative flavors in their 450 restaurants. Unlike most of pizza companies, Round Table uses fresh dough every day. The company ensure their quality and honest because ingredients of dough are produced in family farm of founder. Round Table combines flavors generally different ways therefore, customers cannot find these creations from other restaurants.  They fresh their menu regularly.

Round Table Pizza job opportunities are Cashier, Pizza Cook, Waiter, Waitress, Kitchen Help, Delivery Driver, Assistant Manager and General Manager. Company is enable workers to advance in the career. The company is, additionally, looking for energetic, determined and customer-focused applicant.

Employment Opportunities 

Round Table Pizza offers job opportunities in food preparing, servicing or management areas. Round Table Pizza does not require any educational background but, high school diploma is preferred. Basic math knowledge is required for some positions.The company has some characteristic values such as leadership, passion, teamwork, trust. Applicants should have these values. Part-time employees work both weekdays and weekend (and holidays).

Job Titles and Pay rates

Delivery Driver: Round Table company transports orders from store to customers’ home. Delivery worker’s first job is transportation but, in some cases, they should support indoor staff. For example, they may work in food prep or cleaning services when other workers are too busy. Applicants have to prove their driving records, insurance and valid permits. Pay scales are nearly minimum wage but, delivery workers get large amount of tips from customers.

Dough Roller: Round Table gives importance to their dough. Dough rollers have more responsibility than other food prep workers. Roller’s first job is creating menu items with consistency and hygienic rules. When needed, they may work as cash register operation, trash disposal, and customer complaint resolution. Round Table’s some stores give a catering services. Dough rollers in these stores can support service staff. Pay scale starts at minimum wage but, with the passing of time, it can increase.

Manager: Applicant should have a similar background at least one year. Shift leads, assistant manager and general manager are three management positions. Shift leads have less managerial issues. They may work as dough roller or cashier but, they have to ensure productivity of workers & store, and satisfaction of customers. Assistant manager is next higher position of shift leads. They look after all things of restaurant when the general manager is absent. Their first aim is to remain of pizza sales. General manager is responsible for routine operations of store such as opening the restaurant, productivity and customer satisfaction also, they control the sales and report them. Hiring workers is also their duty. Shift lead’s pay scale starts at minimum wage for an hour, sometimes it exceeds a little more. Assistant managers and general managers pay scales are between $30,000 and $60,000 for year.

Work Facts of Round Table Pizza

Age Requirement:

  • 16 years old

Round Table Pizza Working Hours

  • Typically open every day: 11:00am-10:00pm

Open Positions: 

  • Team Member, Cashier, Dough Roller, Pizza Maker, Shift Manager, Assistant Restaurant Manager, General Restaurant Manager, Manager In Training, Administrative Assistant, Human Resources Associate, Operations Director, Catering Sales Manager

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply Round Table Pizza Jobs: Official Site



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