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Princess Cruises Online Application

Princess Cruises is a seaborne passenger line which utilizes a fleet made up of roughly 20 ships. Job seekers who want jobs aboard can consider applying for positions offered in these massive watercrafts. Along with the opportunities leading to professional careers in navigation, there are entry-level guest relations offered by Princess Cruises.

Princess Cruises Job Opportunities

With its storied company history and well-known services and amenities, Princess Cruises is the focus of attraction by thousands of travelers every year. A wide range of popular and exotic places are included in the designated destinations. Moreover, the list of destinations includes extended world cruises which last up to 3 months. Job opportunities offered by the company is very large scaled since there is the wide range of package options offered by Princess Cruises. A hundred of workers are required to work for each ship en route. This is essential to maintain exceptional levels of customer service expected from Princess Cruises. In aboard passenger ships, job seekers are able to find positions like housekeeping, food service, and maintenance jobs. These are the most accessible positions offered by the sea line cruises. There are also customer service and sales land-based corporate office positions offered by Princess Cruises.

Housekeeping and restaurant positions are considered to be the ideal job opportunities among all others especially for entry-level applicants. In each boat, there are a number of guestrooms, boutique ships, and restaurants. Princess Cruises regularly hires workers for housekeeping, serving, cooking, sales associate, table running, and hosting. Since these positions require employees to be at sea for several months, it is really essential for applicants to state during the hiring process that they will be able to travel regularly. Moreover, it is really essential for workers to possess excellent communication skills and they should also be patient under stress.

Princess Cruises Jobs and Salary Information

In Princess Cruises, the labor is divided into 2 types: land-based and seaboard. Most of the time, it is essential to hold previous work experience in related fields. Depending on job performance, it is also possible for employees to advance into senior and supervisory careers. You can find the sufficient information about the positions offered by the company below:

Junior Assistant Purser : This is an entry-level administrative job and junior assistant pursuers are mainly responsible for supporting senior employees in the purser department aboard each ship. Moreover, they are also expected to oversee personnel operations, manage accounts payable and receivable for onboard hotel, restaurant, and retail operations, and orchestrate travel excursions. In order to gain employment in this position, it is really essential for employees to have at least 2 years of previous work experience in hospitality or travel. Moreover, it is also important to have experience in cash-handling. Mainly, requirements for this position encompass basic computer literacy, bilingual skills, and efficient data-entry abilities also represent ideal characteristics. When it comes to the salary, junior assistant pursuers usually earn $30,000 and $40,000 a year.

Sales Associate : Since shopping is one of the most popular activities aboard Princess Cruise ships. While underway, passengers are provided with a number of duty-free stores. Princess Cruises is looking for employees to hire in retail operations which exist in each location. Employees should be motivated and energetic. Moreover, they should enjoy working with the general public in order to gain employment in this position. For sales associate jobs, employees are also expected to handle independent and team-oriented responsibilities. They are mainly responsible for preparing and organizing merchandise for purchase, answer questions about products, explain policies, ring up purchases, take inventory, and reconcile cash drawers. Employees are also expected to work flexible schedules. As for the salary, they earn $9.00 per hour.

Customer Call Center Support : Princess Cruises also offer land-based positions in customer call centers.  Job seekers with no previous experience may be interested in applying for customer call center support jobs since the cruise is looking for applicants new to the workforce. As for the responsibilities, they are mainly responsible for fielding customer complaints, comment, questions and concerns about company policies and travel packages via telephone and email. Employees are expected to handle these responsibilities quickly and they should be able to work efficiently under pressure. Employees are required to possess high school diplomas. In order to gain employment, it is also essential to be familiar with computer operating systems. Besides verbal communication skills, employees are required to display solid written communication skills.

Open Positions: Crew Member, Deck Staff, Boutique Sales Associate, Font Desk Associate, Junior Assistant Purser, Photographer, Videographer, Entertainment and Passenger Program Associate, Computer Officer, Waiter, Server, Waitress, Host, Hostess, Busser, Line Cook, Prep Cook, Sommelier, Casino Associate, Security Officer, Bartender

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