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Open Positions: Sales Associate, Administrative Assistant, Cashier, Assistant Manager, Manager, Administrator, Franchise Supporter, Customer Service Representative, Franchise Developer, Store Developer, Accountant, Human Resources Associate

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Work Hours: 8am-5pm Monday through Friday

Position Description: The Manager of Legal and Compliance works collaboratively with other internal departments, support staff, and franchisees on various transactional matters, developing policy and processes, and to resolve compliance issues and disputes with franchisees, vendors, and other third parties.

Major Areas of Responsibility:

Provide administrative support in legal transactions by performing, among other things, document preparation, database organization, and communication with parties to the transaction.
Operational lease review and insure lease is in compliance with franchise agreement.
Facilitate administrative processes such as transfer of franchise ownership, the renewal of franchise rights, the closure of franchised businesses, and low-level review of vendor agreements.
Ensure that franchisees comply with various requirements under their contracts such as the requirement that they maintain proper insurance, market their businesses appropriately, refrain from certain activity, and conform to operating standards.
Develop compliance projects to improve consistency in the franchise system.
Coordinate with, and assist, outside attorneys on legal projects.
Initiate, manage, and keep track of franchisee audits; coordinate with, and assist, auditors.
Resolve high-level Franchisee disputes and other compliance issues.
Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Primary Objectives: 

Facilitate transfers, renewals, and closures of center businesses.
Advise and collaborate on auditing of franchisees.
Responsible for preparation of legal documents including those pertaining, but not limited to, high level franchisee disputes, vendor relations, intellectual property protection, international franchising, and miscellaneous transactions.
Develop plans to minimize system non-compliance.
Educational Requirements

Minimum Requirement: Bachelors Degree in a related field of study, preferably business, from an accredited College or University.

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