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Why fill Party City Job Application form?

Applicants can improve their chances of getting better job opportunities by printing the job application form online. With the printable format available it is certain that applicants can go through all information provided before filling in the details. Once you have completed with filling in all desired information then you can also submit the application directly to the concerned HR department. This offers you with the convenience to meet the HR manager in person. There are also chances that you could immediately get selected for the job after clearing your spot interview.

Procedure to fill the PDF application form for Party City

To go through all details and then filling in your information will only take over 30 minutes. The application form has two different pages where you have to provide with your personal contact information and past employment history. Applicants have to provide with education details and references. You may find terms and conditions on the last section that has to be checked and agreed by the applicant. In case you are filling in data manually then ensure you use black or blue ink. If you make errors when entering details then you have to fill in second form.

Personal details

On the first page applicants are requested to provide with their personal information including name, contact details, address in the space provided. You also have to fill in the position you want to apply for along with the expected salary. Applicants have to provide with their present job details. In case you have been employed earlier with Party City for any position then you have to provide with detailed information. Applicants can make a request for full time or part time job positions and the date when he or she is willing to join the job.

Customer care

In this section you have to provide with notification if you are willing to accept the responsibility of providing your customers with best quality customer support or not.

Job schedule

In this section applicants have to provide with details related to their working hour’s availability. If you are flexible with working schedule then you have to mention it. You also have to mention the earliest time during the day when you are willing to work on daily basis.

Educational qualification

Under this section you have to provide with your education qualification details. This includes your academic details related to the last school you have attended. You have to provide details for high school, trade school and college attended including the name, nature of degree and year of completion. If you are presently studying then you have to mention that as well.

General information

In this section applicants have to provide with their general information related to skills, hobbies, and abilities that can be considered as advantage by the managers at the time of hiring process. So if you literally need the job then you can provide with all details including your volunteering details if any. If you have served any military services then you can also mention it in this section.

Job experience

Under this section you have to mention details of your past three employers, starting from he most recent one. I9n case you are having experience working with non-profit organization or volunteer job then you can mention it under this section. You have to mention the name, employment dates, address and contact details of your past employers along with last salary drawn.

Job references

This section offers applicants with two distinct sections. In the first section you have to provide details of your past three employers’s references including their contact information and names. In case you have any past record of criminal convictions then it is ideal to mention it in this section. You are also requested to give a detailed explanation of the conviction you faced. The application form also mentions few circumstances under which the applicant does not have to disclose their past conviction history. You may have to go through the complete document provided before getting started.

If you were terminated from your last job then details and reasons for termination also has to be mentioned. You may also have to provide with contact information related to your relatives or friends working in other retail stores along with details of the retail stores. At the end of the application form you have to agree with the terms and conditions and agree if you are valid to seek job in US or even willing to be relocated after being hired by the company.


Before completing the form applicants have to acknowledge the application form. This means that you have to provide with all possible rights to Party City for completing the verification process. On the bottom of the page you have to sign and fill in the date of application form. Once you have acknowledged the process of application is complete.

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