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OfficeMax Online Application

OfficeMax Job ApplicationIn the United States, Office Max is considered as one of the most prominent stationary and office supplies retailers. Office Max has massive network of stores in which job enthusiasts can find job opportunities which include entry-level and career-level sales, customer service, and managerial positions.

Office Max Job Opportunities

Office Max is a major supplier of office furniture and accessories, which is looking for motivated and knowledgeable individuals. The chain expects its employees to provide service like such as customer service, stocking, and supervision. The chain is gradually growing and it currently has more than 1000 stores across the nation. Office Max aims to expand this already growing chain in near future. Job seekers who want to be a part of this company are able to find job opportunities with Office Max in major cities, suburban areas, and shopping centers located in downtown districts of smaller, rural communities. There are also employment opportunities in shipping and logistics positions which are related to the popular online store offered by the chain.

The products sold in Office Max mainly include printers, computers, tablets, chargers, connector cables, lamps, calculators, and other digital accessories. The retail chain is looking for job enthusiasts are able to troubleshoot most modern technologies while locations also sell furniture, paper, pens, pencils, file folders, filing cabinets, and general stationary supplies. During the hiring process, it proves to be advantageous to demonstrate the ability to explain and offer recommendations for all products within each store and memorize store layouts to better assist patrons. Those want to apply for positions in Office Max are expected to have communication skills. Moreover, it also proves to be important to be able to perform manual labor like stocking shelves and unloading shipment trucks.

OfficeMax Employment Information

To be able to gain employment in Office Max, applicants are required to be at least 16 years old. For entry level positions, the chain is looking for high school and college kids. There are also managerial positions available which are aimed to be filled with experienced individuals. It is really important for applicants to have open availability and friendly, attentive personalities. You can find the necessary information about the positions offered by the retail chain below:

Sales Associate – This is considered as the most widely available position at Office Max stores. A sales associate at Office Max is mainly responsible for greeting patrons, explaining products and services, resolving customer issues, handling returns and transactions, and stocking shelves. What is more, sales associates are expected to remain busy and carry out remedial tasks throughout the working hours. This is a part time position. When it comes to the salary, sales associates usually earn the minimum wage, which can be increased to $8.00 and $9.00 per hour with the advancement to managerial positions.

Cashier – Cashiers at Office Max are responsible for working checkout aisles and processing transactions on computerized point-of-sales machines. Moreover, it is also in their responsibilities to engage with customers. Cashiers may also be asked to stand or lift products. Minor sales and stocking also stand as an important part of the cashier duties. Those who are employed in this position must recommend the company rewards program during checkout, as well. When it comes to the salary, cashiers usually earn the minimum wage, which can be increased to $8.00 or $9.00 per hour with experience and hard work.

Management – Management titles include impress supervisor positions, assistant store manager and store manager jobs. Responsible for leading opening and closing procedures, impress associates or supervisors as considered as key holders. Managers are mainly responsible for carrying out administrative inventory, scheduling, and payroll processing duties. It is also an essential part of their title to supervise and motivate entry-level team members. To be able to gain employment as a manager at Office Max, applicants are required to have high school diplomas. What is more, it also proves to be essential to have previous experience in management or in retail settings, preferably office supplies retail or related industries. Impress supervisor position is available both as part time and full time while assistant managers and store managers usually work full time. When it comes to the salary, impress managers usually earn between $9.00 and $10.00 per hour while it is $30.00 per year for assistant managers and store managers. This amount can be increased up to $55,000 per year with experience.

Open Positions: Retail Store Associate, Cashier, Sales Associate, Customer Service Representative, Store Furniture Associate, Furniture Specialist, Technology Sales Specialist, Impress Associate, Department Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Account Executive, Business Development Manager, Field Loss Prevention Manager, Lead Project Manager, Retail Furniture Account Manager

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