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Job seekers are able to find job opportunities in entry-level and seasonal positions at Morrisons grocery stores. Those who are interested in being a part of this grocery store can apply by filling out an application form with Morrisons now. Morrisons provide its employees with paid training, competitive wages, ongoing career development, and access to job benefit packages. Almost every entry-level position requires employees to perform costumer service. Morrisons is looking for employees who have sound leadership skills and who are able to manage several tasks at once. Requirements expected to be met by applicants depend on Morrisons location and position.

Popular Morrisons Positions and Salary Info

In order to gain employment at Morrisons, applicants are expected to demonstrate friendly and personable attitudes. During the hiring process, it is essential for applicants to show that they have the potential to work as part of a team. There are both part-time and full-time job opportunities offered by the grocery store. You can find the necessary information about the positions offered by the company below:

Checkout Operator : This is an entry-level position which requires employees to work part-time. Most of the time, checkout operators are expected to work 15 to 30 hours a week. Checkout operator are expected to interact with costumers most of the time. Job seekers who are interested in applying for this position should know that they will be expected to stand on foot for long durations of time. Moreover, they are responsible for ringing up purchases on computerized cash registers. Therefore, it is really necessary for applicants to have some basic computer and computation skills. When it comes to the salary, checkout operators usually earn the minimum wage which can increase with experience and promotion into managerial positions.

General Assistant : This is an entry-level position whose responsibilities consist mainly of customer service. General assistants are responsible for assisting in sales, arranging, and organizing products for display, answering questions about products, services and policies, and assisting checkout operators as needed. General assistants are required to work part-time. The responsibilities of this position require employees to perform some manual labor. Moreover, they are expected to be able to stand on foot for long periods of time. Lastly, applicants should show that they are comfortable enough to work with the public. When it comes to salary, they usually earn the minimum wage at the beginning and this amount can increase up to £7.00 or £8.00 per hour.

Management : Job seekers who are interested in gaining employment in managerial positions are able to find opportunities at Morrisons. Morrisons are looking for employees to fill the positions of managers and supervisors who will be in charge of overseeing operations and supervising subordinate employees. Managerial titles consist of assistant deputy manager, night manager, deputy general manager, and store general manager. For assistant deputy managers and night managers, it is either full-time or part-time schedules. Most of the time, managers are expected to work 40 hours a week. They are mainly responsible for leading and inspiring workers, hiring and training new employees, processing payroll, enforcing protocol, managing shipments and deliveries, monitoring sales goals, and providing customer service when necessary. As for the salary, while it is at £8.00 per hour for assistant deputy managers, night managers earn £20,000 per year.

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