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Advantages of print-out format of Job application at Marshalls

Marshalls, a sister concern to TJX companies, offers with multiple options for job positions for both full time and part time job seekers. In case you want to impress the HR team then it is certain that you are advised to print the form and then fill in all details manually. When printing the job application you can always read all required information and then fill in details at your convenience. You can also collect all your documents before submitting the application form. When submitting the application form manually you can also contact directly with the HR team and managers. The moment you visit them with duly filled in application form then you can create your best impression. This also increases your chance of getting hired.

Procedure for filling job application

You may have to fill in many pages from the job application. As the application is lengthy so it is certain that you need to spend at least half an hour filling it. You are only allowed to use black or blue ink when filling manually. It is best to try and collect all information in advance before filling it. You may have to fill in all details regarding your name, past employers names and details, address and convictions faced (optional).

Personal information

In this section you have to provide with your contact information including, name, address, email id and second name. You may have to provide with your present and past addresses. In the second part you may have to provide with your past employment history in relevant field. You also have to mention if any of your relatives or friends have worked for the store or not. It is important to provide with referrals for enquiry purposes. When applying you have to mention your present age as legal working age is 18 years.

Desired job position

In this section applicants are expected to provide with details of the position they want to apply for at the store. Apart from this you have to give information related to your availability time in hours for each day for entire week. You also have to mention they exact date from when you are willing to join for the job. Each of the details is expected to be filled in the space provided. Your selection has to be if you are willing to work full time or part time basis. If you are willing to relocate during job then it has to be mentioned.

Past experience

This section is related to your past work history in the relevant field. It is important to provide with details related to past four jobs you have worked for. If you have provided with volunteer or military services then it has to be mentioned in the form. You have to mention the detailed information including address, name and contact details of each one mentioned. Some other information includes the name of your past supervisor for each position, reason for leaving the job and working schedules. You can also attach all required documents along.

Academic details

You have to provide with your highest level of education completed including school and university. It is best to provide with the name and year of completion along with nature of the course. It is important to mention the type of degree or diploma you have passed. There are chances that the store may contact and verify all information provided after agreeing.

Qualifications and skills

It is certain that as Marshalls is one of the leading departmental stores so they always try and screen their employees for better skills that can be used in various sections in the department. When filling the form you may find check boxes where you have to check with various required skills. So it is expected to mention all skills you possess. You can also mention any extra skills that you have in the space provided.


You have to give names and contact details of your references who can be contacted for verification purpose. You have to provide with their contact details, email ids and names. In case you don’t want the store to contact then you have to give valid reason.


When applying at the Marshalls it is certain that you have to go through the screening section for security reasons. If you are having any past criminal history then it has to be mentioned on the form. You may find section for applicants coming from Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Illinois and California states. In case any convictions faced then you may have to check it on the form. You may also have to provide with valid reason for being convicted.


Once all the details have been filled in then you have to acknowledge the form with your signature and current date. This has to be done in two separate places on the form agreeing for verification process.

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