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Marie Callender’s Online Application & Career

Marie Callender’s is a restaurant and bakery chain that has nearly 75 branches at various locations in North America. They are famous for their freshly prepared foods and using only highest quality ingredients. Marie Callender’s cares about customer satisfaction so updating menus with today’s new flavors is very important to provide tasty foods to customers. These 75 restaurantshave a Salad Bar that offers freshly prepared home-style soups and baked cornbread that is served hot from the oven.Marie Callender's

Being famous and branched comes to a requirement for new employees, which is good for people who looking for a new job or an extra job. Applicants with previous varying experiences may take advantage of those experiences. There exist positions with full-time and part-time shifts. Do not worry if you have no previous experiences as Marie Callender’s offers you entry-level work. For all positions except for assistant maganer.

Employment Opportunities at Marie Callender’s

Marie Callender’s has career opportunitiesinclude family oriented surroundings in a comfortable work environment and those opportunities divide into two main categories: hourly and management/restaurant support. Hourly job opportunities are suitable for workers in search for an entry-level role. On the other hand, working in management/restaurant support is favorablefor career professionals who are looking for full time jobs. In both job types, there exist paid training and industry appropriate base pay. You can take advantage of facilities offered by Marie Callender’s for advancement, salary increases and flexible scheduling.

Sometimes you need to work in accordance with irregular schedules including early mornings, nights, weekends and holidays. The reason for that is restaurants are in busy commercial districts or in shopping centers with heavy foot traffic.

Job Titles and Pay Rates for Marie Callender’s


The most common position for entry level jobs is this one. You have lots of responsibilities as a server. Greeting customers, taking and serving food and drink orders, operating cash registers and completing transections are some of those responsibilities. You must have the ability to stand for extended periods of time. If you are friendly, have positive attitudes and learn quickly, there is no reason for you not being hired. Servers at Marie Callender’s work part-time and earn $2.00 or $3.00 per hour. You have the chance for promotion to management by gaining experience in years.


Your responsibility as a host is to offer warm welcome to customers and seating guests. As a famous restaurant and bakery chain, Marie Callender’s features customer satisfaction, so you need to be able to do this. You also explain specials to customers and inform them about daily offerings to customer. Before applying, be sure about having the ability to stand for long periods of time and enjoy face to face interaction with strangers. Also note that sociable, cheerful and friendly applicants are hired. Your payment is minimum $9.00 per hour.

Assistant Manager

An assistant manager takes part in every aspect of operations like serving foods, assisting customers, taking inventory, scheduling and assigning daily duties, but the main responsibility is for supervisory roles. S/he works for recruitment, motivational, training and operational job duties. Here the most important responsibility: Ensuring customer satisfaction. As already mentioned, Marie Callender’s features customer satisfaction. Your chance for being hired is high if you have previous restaurant experiences. Your payment for an hour is about $13.00.

Work Facts of Marie Callender’s

Age Requirement:

  • 16 years old

Marie Callender’s Working Hours

  • Monday – Thursday: 6:00am-10:00pm; Friday – Saturday: 6:00am-11:00pm;
  • Sunday: 9:00am-10:00pm

Open Positions: 

Host, Hostess, Bus Person, Dishwasher, Line Cook, Prep Cook, Baker, Shift Manager, Assistant Restaurant Manager, General Restaurant Manager, Delivery Truck Driver

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply Marie Callender’s Jobs: Visit Official Site.

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