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Long John Silver’s Job Application

Long John Silver’s Online Application

Long John Silver’s Job ApplicationLong John Silver has more than 8,000 employees across the globe. The chain offers both part time and full time job opportunities to job seekers who are interested in taking a part in this industry. Entry level workers are expected to perform duties like meal preparation and costumer interaction. There are also job opportunities in management positions which are to be filled with individuals who have prominent leadership and organizational skills. To apply, individuals need to submit their applications online or in person by visiting the locations.

Long John Silver’s Job Opportunities

New hires at Long John’s Silver are provided with a comprehensive training program. So, it gives first time or inexperienced workers to gain experience in the fast food industry. Moreover, it is possible to advance into managerial positions on the condition that they demonstrate promise in leadership and communication. Long John Silver gives its employees the chance to get promotion while it is also possible for entry-level workers to get additional benefits. In addition, the fast food chain also offers the chance to work flexible schedules and benefit from meal discounts.

In order to complete all of the administrative and team-building responsibilities, upper-level associates are required to work long hours. For managerial positions, applicants are required to have previous experience since managerial positions expect employees to have firm grasp of fast food restaurant operations. Managers at Long John Silver are expected to handle a wide variety of responsibilities while in return motivated leaders are provided with consistent pay on par with industry standards. Moreover, managers are also provided with well-rounded employee benefits packages as compensation.

Long John Silver’s Employment Options and Salary Information

To be able to gain employment at Long John Silver’s, job enthusiasts are expected to fill out an application form to find consistent and flexible work opportunities with the company. To apply, applicants are required to be at least 16 years old while for managerial positions, the age requirement is at least 18. For upper level positions, applicants are required to have high school diplomas. You can find the necessary information about the positions offered by Long John Silver’s below:

Cashier – This is an entry-level position which requires employees to perform duties like taking food orders, handling money, operating cash registers, and assembling meals on trays or in to-go bags. The seafood chain is looking for outgoing and friendly individuals to fill this position. Moreover, it also proves to be essential to demonstrate great customer service skills. Cleanliness of dining areas and front counters during slow hours and before closing is also included in the responsibilities of cashiers. Moreover, it is also possible that cashiers may be asked to perform additional duties assigned by the managers.  When it comes to the salary, cashiers usually earn the minimum wage which can be increased through hard work and determination.

Team Member – The position of team member requires employees to perform a great deal of hard work and dedication. Team members are mainly responsible for cooking food in accordance with company recipes, cleaning and organizing work stations, stocking foodstuffs, and ensuring quality satisfaction. It is important for associates to stay alert during shifts. Moreover, it also proves to be essential for team members to follow Long John Silver’s safety guidelines, as cooking involves some, though minimal, risk of injury. The fast food chain is looking for team members who possess personable, reliable, and trustworthy qualities. When it comes to the salary, The team members usually earn the minimum wage in the beginning.  This amount can be increased to $8.00 per hour over time.

Manager – Management positions are also offered at Long John Silver. Managerial roles include team leader, assistant manager, and manager titles. The chain is looking for aspiring professionals to fill managerial positions within the company. Team leaders are mainly responsible for supervising entry-level workers and setting schedules while assistant managers are responsible for hiring and training new employees, delegating work, and providing assistance to restaurant managers. When it comes to managers, they are expected to oversee operations at restaurant locations and communicate with company corporate offices. When it comes to the salary, team leaders generally earn around $8.00 to $10.00 per hour while assistant managers earn around $20,000 to $25,000 per year. As for managers, they typically earn between $40,000 and $50,000 per year which depends on the location.

Open Positions: Team Member, Team Leader, Shift Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Manager, Prep Cook, Cook, Cashier, General Manager

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply Long John Silver’s Jobs: Find a Store

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