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Ingles Markets, Inc. is an American regional supermarket chain based in Black Mountain, North Carolina. As of January 2018, the company operates 212 supermarkets in the Southeastern United States. Since 1963, Ingles Markets, Inc. has been Western North Carolina’s leading local supermarket. Ingles is a publicly held, locally owned company with over 200 retail locations operating in 6 southeastern states including Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, and the Carolinas. Mr. Ingle’s commitment to our associates, customers, and communities has been our guiding force.

Open Positions: Cashier, Maintenance Worker, Stock Clerk, Gas Station Attendant, Pharmacy Tech, Meat Associate, Floral Clerk, Floor Cleaning Clerk, Video Clerk, Service Clerk, Bookkeeper/Cashier, Produce Clerk, Frozen Food Clerk, Customer Service Manager-Starbucks, Forklift Operator, Loader, Driver, Housekeeper, Administrative Office Associate, Human Resources Generalist, , Security/Loss Prevention Associate, Department Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

Job Opportunities Offered by Ingles

Ingles offers job opportunities for job seekers at the store level on a regular basis. A number of positions from service clerk, cashier to supervisor and manager are offered by the supermarket chain on regular basis. In store departments like bakery, deli, floral, meat, and video are included in clark positions. Applicants who have a previous work experience are able to get a job in supervisory and managerial positions while entry-level workers are able to get a job as a cashier or as a clerk.

In order for job seekers to earn hiring consideration, they need to check available positions and view current job vacancies and after that, applicants should fill the online application form at the Careers page on the company website.

Ingles supermarkets include standard grocery store departments and besides these deparments, Ingles contains onsite coffee shops, gas stations, and pharmacies. These branches belonging to the company create job vacancies in entry-level positions like barista, gas station attendant, or pharmacy technician jobs.

To be able to get a job in pharmacist positions or pharmacy management, candidates should be qualified and have proper credentials. By using their experience as an entry-level worker, employees are able to move up to managerial positions after starting out in entry-level positions.

Available Positions and Wage Information for Ingles

Offering positions which enables employees to move up to managerial positions, Ingles offers its employees a weekly pay provided that they will be competing with one another and they have flexible work hours. Flexible work hours mean that employees should be able to work during nights, weekends, and holidays when needed. Ingles consider only whose who are at least 16 years old and for workers who are going to graduate from high school, Ingles offers a scholarship. Some work titles are:

Service Clerk – This position can be considered as the starting point for those who aims to move up to managerial position and company leadership. Service clerks are responsible for performing customer service duties mostly at supermarket front-ends. The duties which belong to service clerks are bagging groceries at checkout stations, loading purchases into vehicles for customers who are in need of assistance, and collecting shopping carts from the parking lot.

In addition to these, service clerks may take the responsibility of cleaning and organizing store front-end and the entrance. As for their working area, it can be said that they work closely with cashiers who are responsible for registering the cash and processing the products bought by the customers. Generally, service clerks and cashiers are paid roughly $8.00 per hour.

Stock Clerk – For this position, the hiring personnel prefers energetic  candidates who are able to act according to work ethics to be able to perform their duties such as organizing stockroom inventory, maintaining product availability on the sales floor, and building in-store displays. Another duty they need to perform is to help customers find products that they are looking for in the supermarket.

Candidates who are planning to apply for this positions should also consider the fact that they are supposed to carry and move considerable amounts of weight regularly. Similar to any other entry-level job, stock clerks get paid minimum wage; however, with experience this amount of wage can be increased to $8.00 or $9.00 per hour.

Floral Clerk – Bring your creativity and green thumb together as a part of our floral team. No experience, no problem we will train you to be top notch. If merchandising floral products, serving our customers, and greeting our shoppers is a good fit for you, sign up today. Ideal candidates will possess interpersonal and communication skills which will allow them to provide exceptional customer service, while maintaining a high level of productivity, and complying with all safety and sanitation procedures; related experience is a plus; must be available seven days a week, including evenings, and weekends.

Cashier – Are you passionate about providing top notch customer service? Quality Cashiers are the heart of our business. These associates are responsible for accurately ringing up the merchandise while politely conversing with our customers to ensure they feel welcome while shopping with us. Ideal candidates will possess interpersonal and communication skills which will allow them to provide exceptional customer service, while maintaining a high level of productivity, and complying with all safety and sanitation procedures; related experience is a plus; must be available seven days a week, including evenings, and weekends.

Management – For this position, candidates who have previous work experience related to management or relevant academic background have a higher chance to be employed. Managerial positions include positions from supervisor to store manager.

Leading teams of entry-level workers during work shifts, ensuring the fufillment of sales goals and financial targets, placing product orders as required, and coordinating the store layout designs are some responsibilites which belong to those working in managerial positions. In addition to these, managers are supposed to inspect the hiring, training, and scheduling of entry-level workers. Supervisors generally earn $12.00 per hour while store managers earn  $60,000 annually.

Things to be Considered Before Applying

Job seekers who want to be a part of Ingles Markets are required to have flexible schedules since they may work during the nights, weekends, and holidays. Endurance and manual skills are some of the basic features that both part-time and full-time employees are supposed to have. Besides this, all employees must have the ability to communicate with the customers in the most perfect way.

Moreover, other key qualities that should be possessed may be being energetic and motivated. In many departments such as meat and deli, employees are required to take skill tests imposed by th supermarket. Lastly, hiring personnal places great importance on personal hygiene and preciseness.

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply Ingles Jobs: Official Site.

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