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Indianapolis Power And Light Online Application & Career

With the aim of meeting customers needs and wants, Indianapolis Power & Light offers low-cost electricity and first class service. Coal-fired generating plants, a combustion turbine, and a wind farm are owned and operated by the energu supplier. Almost 528 square mile service territory provides service for almost 470,000 customers.Indianapolis Power And Light Job Application

Indianapolis Power & Light Job Opportunities

Since 2000, the energy outfit is considered as complementary for the AES Corporation. Acting as a support in meeting the expectations of growing world, parent company workforces comprise of approximately 17,800 workers.

In order for it to continue providing service for customers, Indianapolis Power & Light aims to get bigger by employing job seekers who believe themselves to be ambitious about making energy available to customers who are in need. Both those who are looking for part-time job opportunities and those who want to apply for full-time positions are able to find what they are looking for in this company. Opportunities to get a job both in full-time and part-time positions enable job seekers to be more flexible in terms of their schedules.

In the state, Indianapolis Power & Light is considered as one of the most reliable electrical service providers. In Indianapolis Powers & Light, there is roughly 1,500 employees and all of them are required to put great importance on contributing to the success of company. Team members should enjoy features such as loyalty and they are encouraged to give donations to groups of people who are in need.

In this company, there is so-called the Gift Matching Program in which employee donations are matched with particular non-profit organizations. Those who have a chance to get a job in this company usually live near surrounding communities and serviced areas are in their responsibility. Employees should be able to make the company more and more ecofriendly besides taking the responsiblity of teaching people to save energy.

Occupation and Salary Information for Indianapolis Power & Light

Indianapolis Power & Light prefers candidates who are able to adapt quickly since in order for the company to be present in the energy industry, it constantly updated. Candidates who want to get a job in Indianapolis Power & Light are required to have high school degree or equivalents. Since most positions in the company necesitate interaction both with coworkers and customers, candidates who have perfect communication skills have a higher chance of getting the job.

Being interested in energy utilities or having some knowledge about this field can be considered as advantages during the hiring process as applicants possessing these qualities are able to discuss services ans assist with concerns. Indianapolis Power & Light regularly searches for employees in positions below:

Customer Service Representative – In this position, representatives are supposed to answer high volumes of inbound and outbound calls by actively communicating. Besides this, they need to manage customer accounts. In addition to these, employees in this position must have technical information and explanations to be able to discuss services and interpret bills. During calls, representatives should explaind charges and collect payments.

Employees should put the greatest importance on customer satisfaction and in order to meet this satisfaction, they need to solve customer problems and listen to their complaints. Hiring personnel generally prefer applicants who possess exceptional computer skills, organizational satisfaction, and personable demeanors. Entry-level applicants do not need to have previous work experience and they earn approximately $12.00 per hour. With previous work experience, staff members have the potential to earn around $55,000 annually.

Administrative Clerk – In order for candidates to be hired in this position, they must have an expertise in the field of typing, writing, and Microsoft Office. Besides this, professionalism can be considered as a key feature in interacting with the general public and coworkers which happens on a regular basis. Administrative

Clerks are required to perform complex clerical duties and detailed verifications by means of exercising judgment. With the help of more related knowledge about the field, workers have chance to earn between $32,000 and $35,000. High school degree or equivalents or 3 years of previous work experience related to the field should be possessed by applicants to be qualified. Attendance, safety, amd performance levels can be considered as other general credentials.

Wind Turbine Technician – This position requires some particular skills in the maintenance and repair of wind turbine systems. As for salary, technicians working in this position earn $29,000 to $31,000 annually. Routine maintenance is important for the mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems of wind turbines in order for them to work without a problem. System repairs and troubleshooting are also needed for the turbines.

Basic requirements include high school degree or equivalents. However, the hiring personnel puts great importance on experience in electrical operations and technical trades in candidates. Being able to interpret documents and follow safety rules is crucial since wind turbine technicians are required to install and remove wind turbine components. Candidates who want to get a job in this position have a higher chance if they have blueprint-reading abilities. In addition to these, candidates should keep this in their minds that they may be required to perform in outside weather continuously and operate around hazardous chemicals.

Tips For Applying

Online career portal is the only place through which Indianapolis Power & Light accepts applications. Some of the information which need to be provided by candidates are contact information, email adresses, and current resumes. DOC, DOCX, RTF, PDF, TXT, and HTML are the formats in which the company asks individuals to upload resumes.

Job seekers need to apply separately if they want to apply for different positions. In some positions, candidates may need to complete tests to be taken into consideration before interviews. For those who want to make practise, Â test brochures, test-taking tips, and practice tests are available. Job seekers may want to check opportunities both for new employees and current employees.

Work Facts of Indianapolis Power And Light

Age Requirement:

  • At least 18 years old

Varsity Tutors Working Hours

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Open Positions:

Customer Care Specialist, Contractor Analyst, Audit Manager, Workforce Analyst, Engineer, Project Engineer, Mechanic, Revenue Recovery Analyst, Lead Engineer, Electric Meter Specialist, Reliability Engineering and Analyst, Revenue Protection Support Team, Protection Investigator, Accounting Payroll Specialist, Accountant, Dispatcher, Substation Supervisor, Journeyman Lineman, Engineering Supervisor

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply Indianapolis Power And Light Jobs: Official Site

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