Hotel Jobs & Employment Application

Industry Outlook

According to Hoovers, the largest part of the US hospitality sector comprises of hotel, motels & resorts. They operate around 50,000 properties with the help of around 40,000 establishments, including both big and small names. In all combinations this industry generates revenue of around $120 billion annually. They are also unequally balanced, meaning that only the largest 50 companies consume 45% of the whole revenue. Among the various jobs associated with the hotel industry those enjoyed by event, function and meeting planners are forecasted to rise by about 44% in the next decade. Then there are jobs such as food service manager and lodging manager that are the most sought after positions.

Jobs & Positions

Hotel jobs application

In addition to what we have just mentioned, lodging managers and food service managers held around 50,000 and 320,000 jobs by 2014 in the hospitality sector. Some analysts predict a decline in the food service manager vacancies in the next decade, but a boost in the jobs related to event planners. They enjoyed around 71,000 positions by the last year records. There are also many other small pay jobs such as concierge, front-desk clerk, room service manager, cook & chef, housekeeper, event manager, and general manager of operations.

Benefit & Perks

A lot of the benefits are enjoyed by full-time or part-time employees, including discounted dining at the restaurants and membership at using the hotel facilities like gymnasium, spa, tennis court etc. The full-time employees can also expect medical benefits including 401k retirement plans. The higher pay scale for general managers hover around $90,000 annually since they are at the top of the chain. The other most sought jobs like food service manager offered a median pay of $48,000 and that of event planner was $46,000 by last year’s standards.

Event Manager/Planner Jobs

Job Duties

They are hired under either of the names and have the similar set of duties that comprises of coordinating and supervising meetings and other events, ensuring the brand customer service and growth of revenues alongside customer satisfaction. They must also analyze new products, their prices and other services in the competition. They must review scheduled events, manage all the inventory, furniture, etc.  required during an event and also troubleshoot any conflicts or discrepancies that might arise.

Job Qualification

This job demand experience in food & beverage industry areas, an event management company looks for sales & marketing between 3 to 8 years as a mandatory advantage for any candidate. A high school diploma or a two-year degree course in Hotel Management from any accredited institution is also a merit. Sometimes even a year of experience in the core practices is an advantage.

Salary & Compensation

The median salary for event planners was around $46,000 but, more importantly, the top 10% of this workforce took away around $78,000 to home annually. This when combined with benefits like discounted stay, and dining at associated partner hotels, catered lunches daily, free lodging and stay, basic insurance plans with even 401 retirement schemes, and medical expenses and coverage against accidents are lucrative.