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If you are a job seeker, you can consider applying for Hobby Lobby. In order to apply, all you have to do is to download the job application form from the internet and fill it out. After you are done with filling out the form, you are supposed to submit it in person. The company expects applicants to provide valid and current information. Since it is hard copy, you will be able to go through it before filling and submitting.

Since applicants are supposed to submit this form directly to HR department, they will get the chance to see the work environment and get more familiar with it.

How to fill in the right information when filling the Hobby Lobby application form

Below, you can find the necessary information what exactly you are supposed to state and about how to fill in the application form.

Your Personal Information

In the first section above general information, there is the part where you are asked to provide the job title you are applying for and your contact information. On the line below the job title, you are asked to provide you full name including surname and middle name. On the same line, you are also asked to provide your social security number.

Below these lines, there are parts where you are supposed to provide your contact information including your mailing address, home phone, message phone, cellular phone, and emergency contact. For mailing address, you are asked to provide your number and street, apartment no, city, state and zip.

General Information

In this section, the company is trying to learn whether there are any factors which will have the potential to prevent you from applying for a position at this company. Here, you are asked to state whether you are of legal age to apply for the position. Moreover, you are also supposed to state your legal right to work in the United States. What is more, you are asked to provide information about your probable schedule. Here, you should consider whether you will be able to work weekends, holidays, and overtime when you are asked to.

Educational Background

In this section, you are asked to provide information about your educational background and degrees if you have received any. Educational background generally encompasses information about the high school, college, university from which you graduated. If you received any degree from these institutions, you should also note them since this proves to be advantageous during the hiring process.

Employment History

In this section, information about previous work experience is demanded from the applicants. To illustrate, employment history consists of all the jobs and activities of the applicants. As stated in the form, this also includes military service, part-time employment, and self-employment. Here, the permission of applicants to contact their present employer is also asked. Applicants are free to say yes or no to this question.

In this section, information about previous work experience should be filled out on the form given below the title. It includes sections where applicants are asked to provide information about how long they worked at that company, contact information, reason for leaving, and job title and duties.

At the very end of the application form, there is a part where applicants are asked to read, and confirm by signing. So, you should read it carefully before signing it.

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