Grocery Store Jobs & Online Employment Application

Industry Outlook

The supermarket share in the US amounts to $365 billion after an increase by 2% from the year 2014. This comprises of the major portion of the grocery retailing business in the US, which including retail and food service sales generate revenue close to $5.27 trillion annually. This is humongous and exorbitantly high and comprises about 1/3rd of its entire population. According to a report an average US citizen makes 1.6 trips to a grocery store in a week. This industry houses close to 825,000 employees in entry level roles like cashier who deal directly with the customers all the time. This industry has been shaped and designed by giants like Walmart, Krogers and Costco, who combined make up around $288 billion from sales and service. The rapid expansion of supermarkets will indicate a growth in the sector in the near future.

Benefits & Perks

The benefits such as coverage against accidents, medical compensation and insurance, including even retirement plans are provided by most of the largest grocery companies. The pay scale varies for different jobs and location. The part-time roles, gather $7.9 to $9.2 per hour whereas full-time jobs for cashier, sales associate ranges between $18,000 and $23,000. The managers make around $14 to $20 per hour and are offered around $30k to $40k for full-time commitment. There are also huge discounts on products and offers, vouchers during festive seasons and promotions.

Jobs & Positions

The grocery retail segment comprises mostly of entry level and a few managerial positions. The entry level jobs shall include cashiers, sales associate, stocking and baggage employees, butchers and bakers. Then there are managerial staffs, including general manager, sales manager and area or regional manager.  The most sought position after cashier and sales associate is that of the general manager.

General Manager Jobs

Job Duties

As a manager, you are supposed to look after your fellow workers and colleagues, train them according to the company norms and customs, hire new employees and performs all authoritarian tasks in that store. The store is just like your property and you have to look after its growth and if needed to resolve conflicts that hinder its smooth functioning. You must also carry out local administrative tasks and ensure customer satisfaction as your top priority. Most of the paid training happens during the course of a few weeks and the new staff is taught to use computer and various electronic gadgets like radio handsets, inventory cameras, cell phones and scanners.

Job Qualification

Many grocery store managerial tasks also include data entry and administration and some experience is highly rewarding during your term. You must have basic computer knowledge and a high school diploma or a two year or four-year college degree might be necessary depending upon the company requirements based on location and duties. There might be age requirements too. Any previous experience or achievement in the same role elsewhere may be an additional benefit.

Salary & Compensation

The salary of a general manager varies between $38,000 and $70,000 depending upon the company and its brand value, and the location also plays a significant role. The medium might be considered close to more like $45,000 annually for full-time employees only.