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Requirements of FYE for Employment

FYE offers advantageous employment options for the ones who want to start their careers in FYE. The retailer doesn’t ask job candidates to have earlier experiences, certificates or education. Hence, new beginner work is especially available and it is a great opportunity to base professional skills. Employees who are interested in having a progress in sales, retail or entertainment industries can get benefit from the company to base precious skills. Besides this, the entertainment retailer often allows new beginner employees to work in management positions together with accessible further growth opportunities in the company corporate offices.

It is a necessary ask of FYE to be a committed employee with personable sales awareness. Other qualities which FYE asks from the job candidates are imagination, energy, ambition and innovation.  Any candidate who can display these and prove on paper is likely to be hired. Moreover, people who are knowledgeable in movies, music and various electronics provide company with precious asset and might get benefit from this during the eliminating processes.

FYE Positions and Salary Information

As a job seeker, you shouldn’t be younger than 16 to be able to apply for available positions in FYE. You don’t have to have formal education or early job experience to be considered for the job. The managers who hire employees are considerate about school hours. This means that high school or university students can have precious job experience in starter positions such as:

Sales Associate – This position often offers part-time, full-time or seasonal work and the employees of this position start job with minimum wage. Job candidates who are more available and who have proven customer service abilities, and the ability to stand, bend, and squat for shift durations are luckier to be hired. Earlier job experience in retailer position might be advantage for job applicants. Employees who work in this position are responsible for sustaining the cleanliness and order of stores, welcoming customers, working cash registers, efficiently and quickly bagging customer items, endorsing membership programs and other store promotions, replenishing merchandise, answering customer questions, and performing various tasks as assigned by managerial teams.

Assistant manager – This position is also known as lead sales associates. Assistant managers conduct sales teams and they are good model for sales team. As a requirement of the position, assistant manager helps store managers with daily operations and procedures. The ones who want to apply for this position should have excellent leadership skills, proven customer service abilities and they have to have worked in the retailer industry at least for one year. Assistant managers deal with many responsibilities like the selection and training of new talent, taking inventory, creating associate work schedules, meeting sales quotas, responding to customer complaints and concerns, maintaining detailed knowledge of products, and carrying out the various responsibilities of the store manager as assigned. This position is available as full-time and assistant managers earn about $22,000 to $26,000 a year.

Tips for Applying

People who want to apply for a job in FYE can pay a visit to company’s website and have a look in career section. Job hosting portal of the company is under the responsibility of the corporate offices and applicants search this from the internet and choose employee seeking positions. Job seekers are required to create profiles. Otherwise, their applications won’t be officially submitted. Candidates should upload five CVs to their active profiles and highlight the related skills and work depending on the position which they want. Personal information, educational backgrounds, and employment histories should also be provided.

Open Positions: Cashier, Customer Service Representative, Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, Second Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Distribution Center Associate, Distribution Center Supervisor, Human Resources Representative, Sales Manager

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply FYE Jobs: Official Site

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