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Fuddruckers Online Application & Career

Fuddruckers is famous for a various hamburger sizes and freshly made bars. By having a place in the Franchise Times Top 200, the company contributes exponential growth and offers jobs for the people who are interested in the industry. There are job opportunities for people with career- minded. On the other hand, applicants may also find a lot of job opportunities in the beginner level of restaurants. fuddruckers logo

Open Positions: Sales Associate, Fast Track Manager, Grill Cook, Prep Cook, Baker, Guest Service Associate, Clean Team Associate, Dishwasher, Expo Associate, Shift Supervisor, Butcher, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Restaurant Manager, Cashier, Morning Kitchen Associate.

Printable Application PDF/Form: Download Fuddruckers Application PDF

How to Apply Fuddruckers Jobs: Complete application form and bring it or visit Official Site.

Fuddruckers Employment Opportunities

There are two main types of positions available in the fast-casual dining chain. The first ones are called in front-of-house positions like servers and bartenders. The second ones are called back-of-house positions like cooks and butchers.

Interaction with the customer is necessary in burger franchise positions. Therefore, the ones who want to work in this company must have adjustable social skills. Each employee must be able to multitask in a high energy and be fast-paced in the work. Flexible hour is an advantage for the students who search part-time jobs and for the people who search second job. Full time positions are also available for the ones who pursue precious experience in the customer field. However, new beginner workers generally work in various times such as night, holidays and weekends.

Fuddruckers Positions and Wages

The minimum age for the positions like bussers and dishwashers which don’t include alcohol selling is 16. The minimum age for bartenders and servers is 18. Having earlier job experience and high school diploma are not compulsory. However, managers prioritize the ones who have either of them. Common job opportunities in the restaurants are mentioned below:

Cashier – hiring managers prefer people who are honest and fun loving. Cahiers are responsible for finishing each customer’s dining experience. Employees in this position answer customer complaints, advise food items and do various jobs assigned by upper manager. Front-of-house workers may have to stand for the whole shift duration and carry objects with different weights as required. New beginners cashiers regularly get an hourly minimum wage and they have a chance to make as much as 11$ an hour with promotions which supply more benefits and management potential.

Cook – They work in back-of-house positions. Cooks have more responsibilities than just preparing the cuisine. They are frequently interacted with public. This means that they need to have basic customer service skills besides being professional and having clean appearances. They should be prepared for standing for hours in a day, heated temperatures and carrying heavy objects. Besides these, employees in this position both ensure food quality, consistency and sustain sanitary work conditions. Candidates with basic cooking skills are more privileged to be hired. Their wage changes from around minimum wage to 10$.

Managers – The top rank position in the restaurants is held by general managers who are responsible for store operations. New beginner salary packages for them are about $45,000 to $60,000 in a year including bonuses which depend on personal performance and sales. Managers are responsible for hiring and maintaining hourly employees, scheduling, training, and recording sales. Besides these, they are responsible for tending to dissatisfied customers and the supervision of product quality assurance. Assistant managers help general managers to learn how to run a food service on their own and decrease the duties of the lead manager. They generally begin around $30,000 and may rise up to $45,000 in a year.

Tips for Applying

Both online and paper applications are available. It takes 20-30 minutes to apply in either way and asks you work and educational backgrounds along with a few non-family member references. After the application, there is a basic personality test which requires correct answers because the test has safeguards to subject candidates attempting to fool the system. In case of interview offer, candidates should dress properly and be there on time. By making practices before the interview, you can eliminate small errors which may hinder you from getting the job.

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