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Frontier Airlines Online Application & Career

Frontier hires many beginner level workers and qualified specialists despite being a relatively minor firm among other airlines in the business area. There are applicable positions among which are customer service agent and ramp service agent as well as flight attendant and navigator.Frontier Airlines

Chances of Being Hired in a Position in Frontier Airlines

There are less positions available that demands more experience in the associated fields and obliges applicants to have participated in specialized education than there are vacant positions in customer service. Nevertheless, almost all roles are given to work candidates after a very elaborate testing process.

To decide whether a candidate is suitable for the position, she or he should propose their background investigation documents, drug testing and pre-employment checkup. It may be necessary for the employees to be subjected to preliminary periods before they are officially hired.

An ordinary customer service worker has an active, lively work setting. Some of the common work settings are baggage check counters or airport gates. Ramp service agents are generally responsible of carrying out daily tasks such as runway tracks. The work setting of pilots and flight attendants is in the aircraft of Frontier Airlines. Many of the roles demand employees to be in touch with the customers except for baggage handler jobs.

No matter what a workers position, it is extremely vital for them to be engaged in teamwork. The preliminary hiring process is used as a means of examining the candidates ability to work both independently and have positive interdependence while working in a group. In order to keep employees motivated, lively and on the go, most positions are designed with deadline-based responsibilities.

Information About Frontier Airlines Hiring Process

Since airlines serve most days of the year even nights, weekends and holidays, the exhausting positions demand employees to have flexible schedules. Frontier Airlines is a facilitator of developing a company culture while focusing on flexibility, commitment, and customer service. Some of the advantages that staff members benefit from are paid training, abundant salary options, and work profit packages. To be enrolled to the position and succeed in it, candidates should dedicate themselves to their missions in the firm. The notable airline is in need of workforce in the following positions:

Customer Service AgentOnly a few competences are possessed by a customer service agent in order to be hired in this position. Outstanding customer service skills, easily adjusting nature of personality and schedules are favored in an employee candidate. Living in the same city where the position is available is required for potential workers. A customer service agents main responsibilities involve checking passengers in, tagging baggage, processing boarding passes, distributing tickets and facing questions about arrival/departure times.

Customer service agents may function as a double work force as ramp agents and fulfill their duties as well. A customer service agent of Frontier Airlines is paid $11.00 per hour on average. Depending on level of experience, hiring requirements and personal changes, a customer service agent may be enrolled either as a part time or full time employee.

Ramp Service AgentRequiring a full-time dedication for the individual, the ramp service agent role consists of loading and unloading baggage, consignment, and parcels from and onto aircrafts. Just as customer service agents, ramp service agents are expected to reside in as the same city as the position is available to be able to carry out their schedule.

High levels of physical energy and keeping a good health is valued to be hired as well as linguistic competence and an attitude that puts safety before everything. One can apply for both part-time and full-time positions. Depending on experience and occupation, a ramp service agent is paid at least $9.00 and $11.00 at most, per hour.

Aircraft Appearance Agent Positions related to areas such as hygiene and sustenance are to be fulfilled by new candidates as Frontier Airlines now employs for those roles. Those employees duties include cleaning, organizing, restocking, and check airplanes for safety upon both arrival and just before departure.

Having established positive interdependence among other workers and building sound relations with clients demand outstanding social skills. In order to stand out among other applicants, one should be hardworking and practical. On average, an aircraft appearance agent gains between $9.00 and $11.00 per hour.

Suggestions for Application Process

Work candidates are expected to dwell in as the same city as where the available positions are accessible. It is Frontier Airlines recommendations that applicants apply for local jobs. The jobs abroad may not be available for those who apply for jobs that are not within their local area. If you do not want to risk your chance of being hired, then you should put a limit to your research to avoid looking for jobs that are not within the proximity of 100 miles.

Also, you should show that you are devoted to your local community and are ready to function in a nationwide airline. If you submit your application to more than one department, then you have higher chances of showing that you are determined to work and so that you are more likely to be hired.

Work Facts of Frontier Airlines

Age Requirement:

  • At least 18 years old

Frontier Airlines Working Hours

  • Hours vary by location and position

Open Positions: 

Customer Service Agent, Ramp Service Agent, Aircraft Appearance Agent, Catering Agent/Catering Transport Specialist, Flight Attendant, Pilot, A&P Mechanic, Dispatcher, Clerk-Parts, Crew Scheduler, First Officer, Licensed Mechanic, Manager of Maintenance, Supervisor-Customer Service, Safety Specialist, Operations Agent, Passenger Planner Coordinator, Station Training Coordinator, Station Support Desk Agent, Supervisor of Line Maintenance, Manager of Inflight Training, Clerk-Records, Ground Instructor, Travel Coordinator, Crew Scheduling Manager, Inflight Services Manager, Facility Maintenance Technician, Repair Administrator

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply Frontier Airlines Jobs: Official Site

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