Fast Food Jobs & Online Employment Application

Industry Outlook

In the year 2013, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics noted 3,653,168 employments in the fast food restaurants across the United States. This is huge and tells us exactly what over 3 million American homes run on and what the industry has been heading towards in the upcoming years. They also have a projection till 2018 when it is believed that the number shall rise to over 3.7 million. The brands are expanding more rapidly than ever before, not just in the US, but also across the globe especially in the developing countries. This gives even more promise of increasing job vacancies due to the overwhelming response to the sector.  Although there was a recession the hiring still continued to rise despite of falling revenue. The US fast food restaurant businesses amount to $ 48 billion. The average annual wage hovers around $12.8k. Yum Brands is the largest conglomerate chain of fast food restaurants and employs nearly 539,000 employees, including both full-time and part-time roles.

Benefits & Perks

The employees enjoy all basic compensation as per the US law that includes compensation against accidental claims, dental, and medical cases. It also covers benefits and perks from their host company like free food and vouchers during festive seasons and promotional offers. If you are a food lover, this industry is the heaven for you. The perks for full-time employees also include insurance, vacation pay and retirement plans.

Jobs & Positions

The most referred job is that of a cashier because of the sheer simplicity in obtaining one and the duties entailing the role. The better paying jobs shall include the managerial positions like store manager, area manager and sales manager.

Cashier Jobs

Job Duties

A cashier is supposed to be dealing with the customers up front and directly that makes them the first recipient and impressionist of customer service provided by the company. Their job is to collect the orders and accept the payment in order. It is also their responsibility to help out the customer in case he wishes some assistance with ordering his meal. This is followed by arranging the cash and following up with the order till it is processed by the kitchen in the restaurant.

Job Qualification

The job does not demand a lot of stress or experience on behalf of the candidate. The candidate must perform his/her duties on a computer and hence basic acquaintance of using one is desirable, which is anyhow different for every restaurant and has to be learned upon placement. The general manager takes the responsibility train the cashier as this role is an important one related directly to the customer experience.

Salary & Compensation

The salary for a cashier varies between $12,000 and $16,000 annually for full-time positions. The same position on a part-time basis offers $7.8 to $9.2 depending upon the brand and the geographical location. On the higher scale, they also find a package of $19,000 which is quite rare and only based on the rich lifestyle of a city. They enjoy all compensations and benefits.