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Fallas Discount Stores Online Application & Career

Being founded in 1962 as a family company, Fallas Discount Stores is an off-price chain of stores. Since the company is getting bigger every day, it hires both entry-level and managerial employees. There are so many job opportunities offered by the company to job seekers who want to gain employment in the industry.

Job Opportunities

Fallas Discount Stores as a big company offers job opportunities in different positions. In order to keep operating at high levels, Fallas Discount Stores is hiring for customer service and management positions.As for requirements expected from candidates to meet, the company does not require candidates to have prior work experience in the related industry. Meeting minimum hiring requirements is sufficient for applicants to gain employment in the company.

To be able to get a chance to work for Fallas Discount Stores, applicants are expected to prove that they are energetic, friendly and compassionate. Moreover, they should also devote themselves to the industry and they should have enough knowledge about retail sales and goals.Fallas Discount Stores does not only hire for entry-level jobs but also for managerial jobs which are appealing for those who are career-minded individuals.

Positions and Salary Information

You can find information about some of the positions offered by Fallas Discount Stores below:

Sales Associate –There are so many different duties that a Sales Associate is supposed to perform. They include working as a cashier and stock employees. Moreover, they are also expected to assist customers with making purchases when needed. There are a number of departments in which sales associates are working and they are supervised directly by department managers. Applicants for this position should show dedication to the field. Moreover, they should also prove that they have interpersonal skills to handle the job. For this position, employees are expected to have flexible schedules. They start by earning the minimum wage; however, they can earn up to $9.00 per hour throughout time.

Management –Employees in managerial positions are expected to deal with administrative tasks. In addition, they supervise junior workers in daily tasks. Besides, managers are responsible for scheduling workers, managing payroll, processing shipments, and ensuring that stores meet company expectations. Even though there are times when the company hires new employees for this position, managers are usually chosen from employees who have already been working for the company. To be able to get a managerial position in the company, candidates should show that they are able to do time management, and use their knowledge of customer service techniques efficiently. When it comes to the salary, per year managers earn around $50.000.

Work Facts of Fallas Discount Stores

Age Requirement:

  • 18 years old

Fallas Discount Stores Working Hours

  • Monday-Saturday: 10:00am-8:00pm;
  • Sunday: 11:00am-5:00pm

Open Positions: 

  • Sales Associate,
  • Cashier,
  • Merchandise Handler,
  • Stock Room Associate,
  • Keyholder,
  • Assistant Store Manager,
  • General Store Manager,
  • Visual Merchandiser,
  • Special Projects Manager,
  • Project Manager.

Printable Application PDF/Form: Print out Fallas Discount Stores Application PDF

How to Apply Fallas Discount Jobs: Official Site

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