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EbLens Online Application

Being a New England footwear retailer, EbLens was founded in 1949 as s joint venture between Ebner Glooskin ans Leonard Seaman. Right now, there are 40 EbLens outlets which can be found throughout New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachussetts. EbLens is headquartered in Torrington, Connecticut. This company’s specialization is in footwear and urban clothing. Products can be found in brick and mortar outlets. It is also possible to shop online. There are a wide range of brands available at EbLens including Nike, Timberland, The North Face, and Ecko and this gives EbLens the quality of being the shopping destination for many. In order to gain employment at this company, job seekers should first of all fill out the EbLens online application form for employment.

Important Tips To Apply Online With EbLens

During the interview, applicants are asked a couple of questions which may be both business oriented or personal. They can be asked why the customers should buy their shoes from EbLens or what some of the footwear trends are right now. Or they can be given a difficult situation and asked how they would solve the problem. Applicants may also be asked about their favorite band or whether they know the brands sold at EbLens.

By completing the online applicatiom form first, applicants provide the interviewer with their basic qualifications and during the job interview, these forms are examined. Therefore, applications shoukd be ready to answer questions about their employment history, related job skills, hours of availability, and education in finer detail.

After applicants submit the job application form, it takes a few days for a hiring manager to decide which applicant will be invited to an interview.

Most Common Positions At EbLens & Income Information

First and foremost, what job seekers are required to do is to complete the EbLens job application and then they can apply for the position that they are interested in. The range of positions include store supervisor, assistant manager, and sales person. Among those positions, entry-level positions are the ones which includes duties like stocking, selling, folding, and arranging clothes, and finding shoes for customers when needed. Previous work is not among the hiring requirements but it may be advantageous during the hiring process. So, if you have any previous work experience in the related field, you should highlight it during the hiring process. As for managerial positions, previous work experience in the related field and a high school diploma or the equivalent are required.

EbLens Benefits

Job seekers who complete the EbLens application have the chance to gain employment which brings a number of benefits which consists of part or full time scheduling, opportunities for growth and advancement, industry competitive pay, on-the-job training, and many more. There are also additional benefits for eligible employees such as employee discounts, yearly salary packages, and paid vacations. In addition, it is also possible for employees to get health care and 401(k) retirement plans along with more number of opportunities. In order to get a chance to gain employment at this company, all you need to do is to complete the application with EbLens.

Open Positions: Sales Associate, Assistant Store Manager, Stock Room Associate, Store Manager, Warehouse Personnel, Truck Driver

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply EbLens Jobs: Official Site

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