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Duane Reade Online Application & Career

Even though stores are smaller compared to the city they are located in, Duane Reade drugstores manage to attract a huge variety of customers and are industry leaders. Thus employers hire individuals who are professional, driven to work and can show the best customer service. Duane Reade stores are divided in general sales and pharmacy services and they keep hiring employees for both parts. Thus they are generally in need of newcomers.Duane Reade

Career with Duane Reade

Applicants can find in store positions like cashier, stock associate, beauty advisor and merchandiser. These positions are usually responsible of entry level duties. They work under store managers who are responsible of stores profit levels. Store management is a more stressful than entry level roles but get better payments. In order to work in management, applicants must have related work history. Duane Reade also hires individuals for onsite pharmacies. Individuals usually get employment easily as drug clerks and pharmacy technicians.

Positions and Wages

Duane Reade provides extensive career chances, flexible work schedules and development. Since almost everyone needs to stop by a drugstore, employees meet a diversity of people and encounter new challenges every day. Some positions are listed below:

Cashier – Addition to cashiering duties, cashiers welcome and greet customers and are responsible of overall cleaning of the store and stock associate duties. Cashiering duties are ringing up purchases, scanning them, handling payment and receipts. Additionally, they process returns and exchanges distribute funds and try to make new membership saving cards. In order to help customers, employees must be familiar with drugstore policies and cash drawers. Applicants only need excellent customer service skills and work availability during weekends, nights and holidays. Cashiers usually earn 8 to 9 dollars an hour.

Drug Clerk – Drug clerks mostly work closely with customers. They answer calls, take messages for pharmacist and orders, verify availability of prescribed medications and ask for customers sign when needed. In order to apply this position, applicants need high school diplomas, HIPAA certification and at least one year of customer service experience. Clerks usually start with minimum wage and earn increases depending on tenure and performance.

Pharmacy Technician – Technicians work directly under a licensed pharmacist. Their main job is dispensing prescription medications to customers. They control the accuracy of prescription, weight and measure the medication, prepare and affix prescription labels and confirm the filled prescription with the pharmacist before handing it over to the customer. Additionally, they handle patient files, prepare insurance forms and check inventory levels. Applicants need PTCB certifications and employers choose to hire individuals who completed accredited pharmacy technician training program.

How to Apply

Applicants can search and gather information about available positions on the Career page on companys website. After that, they create profiles and apply online for desired position by selecting desired location. Creating profiles require applicants to give personal information, work history and allowance to background checks. The online application also asks applicants to rate situations like okay to borrow money from the register and You always follow through on your commitments.  Employers pay attention on sureness and honesty, applicants should also pay attention on these values when answering questions. Additionally, they should remark schedule availability, since employers chooses to hire individuals who can work during late shifts, weekends and holidays.

Work Facts of Duane Reade

Age Requirement:

  • At least 18 years old

Duane Reade Working Hours

  • Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Open Positions: 

Cashier, Assistant Manager, Stock Associate, Store Manager, Shift Leader, Beauty Advisor, Store Merchandiser, Store Detective, Look Boutique Manager, Drug Clerk, Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacy Internship, FT Pharmacist, Pharmacist Per Diem

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply Duane Reade Jobs: Official Site

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