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Dots Job Application PDF

Print Out Dots Job Application

Dots Job Application PDF
Dots Job Application PDF
Dots Job Application PDF Back
Dots Job Application PDF – Back

Benefits of Printing out the Dots Application

Dots is a well known fashion retail stores and to get employment in this fashion retails job seeker need to display his or her sense of clothing. When going for the job interview it is certain that you have to be well dressed. Apart from this you also need to display excellent customer service. When using the printable application form format it is certain that you may get unlimited chance to prove your likes in the fashion industry. At the same time when submitting your application form you may get sufficient time to speak and get to know more about your HR team. It just takes a few seconds to print the application form and then fill it before submission.

How to fill out the Dots PDF Application

Before you get started with printing the form ensure that the printer is working well. You simply need to click the print option once the form has been downloaded. You may have to fill in all details manually using black/blue ink. Feed in all possible details related to your personal and general information. Once completed you just need to acknowledge it and submit it.

Personal Information

You personal information means every set of information that display your identity. You have to mention your name in full, contact details and other contact IDs including e-mail and mobile details or may be your secondary contact number. Under this section you can also mention the type of job you are looking around for. It is certain that you also have to provide with a date when you can join the job position. Your recruiters may also be interested to get familiar with your expected salary factor so it’s important you mention that as well. An entire weekly working schedule has to be provided on the chart along with your legal age.


Under this section you have to get started with mentioning your past employment history. The application form has been provided with a number of check boxes where you may have to make the selection from. It is certain that all details related to your past employment and employer has to be provided. It is certain that Dots may request you to grant them the permission so they can verify the information by contacting your past employers. All details regarding your past employer including contact number and name has to be provided for verification purpose.

It is also important to mention if your services wee terminated or not. In either case it is certain that you may have to mention a valid reason. Applicants may have to provide with few references along with other details related to them like their relation with you and contact details. You may have to avoid mentioning the names of your relatives and friends as references.

Next you are expected to provide with detailed information related to your educational qualification along with details of diploma or degree and school or college information. If facing any conviction then it should be mentioned by you as the general procedure. Finally you have to acknowledge the form before submitting.

Download Dots Printable Application

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