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Dollar General Job Application

Dollar General Application & Career

With over 10,000 areas in the United States, Dollar General as a big retail chain and corporation provides shoppers with variety of products.  Dollar General is a growing company offering job opportunities for every position. Job hunters can directly apply for jobs online or in person.

Employment Opportunities

Working for Dollar General is hard because it searches for candidates being able to carry out multiple tasks such as cashiering, stocking, ensuring customer satisfaction by interacting with them in high spirits. Employees are also responsible for opening and closing the store if necessary. Candidates should have a collaborative spirit to employ together with other staff members.

In pursuit of a career, inexperienced applicants generally keen on working for Dollar General since the company gives training and leadership programs for employees.  Training programs are so beneficial that there are a host of examples demonstrating the fact that most employees hired by the corporation take promotion after a while.

There are some advantages of working for Dollar General as such full time workers can receive health insurance, life insurance, vision and dental plans.In addition, Part-time and full time jobs are available at Dollar General.  Along with that, paid time off and 401 k retirement plans are among benefits of employment for this discount retail chain. Part time workers partially benefit those opportunities.

Job Titles and Pay rates

Some favorite job descriptions are as follows:

Cashiers: Cashiers employed by Dollar General have traditional duties such as taking money in the form of cash, providing exchange for service, processing card transactions and so forth. They earn up to $9.00 per hour after a while. Take a look at the Dollar General Cashier job description for more opportunities.

Sales Associates: sales associates are typically responsible for greeting guests, responding questions, organizing commodities offered for sale at the store.  In addition, sales associates can sometimes be in charge of store maintenance if it is necessary. Average pay for sales associates at Dollar General ranges from $9.00 to $11.00, which is based on their use of mental and physical energy. Take a look at the Dollar General Sales Associate job description for more opportunities.

Manager:  management positions at Dollar General incorporate lead sales associates and familiar store manager job titles. Dollar General managers are commonly in charge of worker scheduling, reporting average sales, taking control over personals, leading all employees by examples, hiring new staff members and so forth. They constitute a milestone in the company, so they can earn up to $50.000 a year. Take a look at the Dollar General Manager job description for more opportunities.

Work Facts of Dollar General

Age Requirement:

  • 18 years old

Dollar General Working Hours

  • Open every day: 8:00am-9:00pm

Open Positions: 

  • Sales Associate, Cashier, Stocker, Shift Leader, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, District Manager, Store Merchandiser, Warehouse Supervisor, Operations Manager, Inbound/Outbound Manager

Printable Application PDF/Form: Dollar General Application Form PDF

How to Apply Dollar General Jobs: Offical Site.

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