Department Store Jobs & Online Employment Application

Industry Outlook

If there is a departmental store in your city, then it is an urban area. The number of departmental stores is increasing rapidly around the globe because they all bring the sense of development and lots of employment opportunities in the area. In the US alone they comprise of 33 percent of the entire workforce and are the ones which are the most fun filled and less stagnant positions. These also require very less qualifications and skills compared to other jobs which might demand college degrees. Thus, the mere opening of a departmental store brings opportunities ranging various kinds of roles including both part-time and full-time offerings. This industry is rapidly increasing and always has job openings round the year.

Benefits & Perks

The full-time employments offer all the custom perks such as medical and health care insurance and coverage, general life insurance and coverage against accidents, sick leave. These do not have such holidays and weekends as the other office jobs enjoy because the weekends are the busiest and profitable days of the week. The part-time employments are usually devoid of vacation leave and other long term benefits that only full-time and administrative employees enjoy. They enjoy the most benefit in terms of heavy discounts on products and items in their own store. There are several deals and bonuses on festivals.

Positions & Jobs

Departmen store job application

The most preferred positions are cashier, sales associate and store managers. The first two are the ones that come in huge numbers and attract job applications round the year because of the sheer nature of part-time roles like sales representative, stock persons, cahiers, janitors and managers. The full-time positions usually include the area manager or regional manager. They also enjoy transition benefits to higher positions.

Sales Associate & Manager Jobs

Job Duties

The manager is supposed to look after the complete functioning of its store, and take care of problems that might creep up anytime in future. They also take care of the hiring process when the roles are too minimal for the appointment of an HR from the company. The role of part-time and full-time sales associates requires you to assist the customers when they arrive and are lost looking for something and is very miniscule in terms of complex work. They also assist them with product details, descriptions, and are the flag bearers of the customer service that any departmental store provides.

Job Qualification

These are the most required jobs whenever a new departmental store opens up in the neighborhood and also the easier ones to bag. They require preliminary education and medical fitness and also come with part-time or full-time alternatives.

Salary & Compensation

The salary of such job positions varies according to the job location; however, in the US they offer an average of $8 per hour for the part-time roles. The full-time sales associate position offers an average of $30,000 annually including benefits. The managerial jobs offer a pay-scale ranging between $38,000 and $48,000 throughout various brands in the US, which includes positions such as regional manager, store manager and area manager.