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Del Taco Job Application

Del Taco Online Application

Del Taco Job ApplicationDel Taco is a Mexican-inspired fast food chain which mostly operates in Western states and in parts of the American Midwest. With the aim of providing customers with excellent services, locations operate 24 hours a day. Moreover, the chain employs dozens of associates to keep the pace. It is possible for job seekers who are looking for work with the nationwide fast food establishment to find employment in both part-time and entry-level capacities. What is more, it is also possible for applicants to find meaningful job opportunities as managers and supervisors. Upon employment, employees are provided with competitive pay, flexible hours, and access to career development programs, like paid training or corporate guidance.

Del Taco Job Opportunities

Del Taco is considered as one of the most popular Mexican-American fast food chains along the U.S. West Coast. Having a network of 500 locations, the restaurant chain welcomes millions of customers annually. The stores of Del Taco boast bright, colorful decor themes and the signature sun logo. At costumer request, employees are trained to serve foods fresh and made-do-order. There are also further opportunities for employment which is provided by feature drive-thru services in addition to dine-in amenities and carry-out options

Individuals who are interested in taking a part in the fast food industry can apply for positions at Del Taco. The restaurant chain is looking for employees who are able work quickly while maintaining levels of health and safety standards for handling food and cleaning work stations at all times. It is essential for Del Taco to employ workers who are able to keep kitchens, dining areas, restaurant facilities, and drive-thru areas clean and sanitary at all times. Applicants should be aware that most of the jobs available expect them to multitask. Moreover, it is also one of the duties of employees to assume the responsibilities of other positions without provocation. It is preferable by the chain to employ individuals who demonstrate the willing to learn and work as part of a team. Requirements to apply depends on the location of the franchise.

Del Taco Positions and Pay Scales

To be able to gain employment at Del Taco, applicants are required to be at least 16 years old while for managerial positions this requirement is at least 18. Moreover, it is another requirement to possess high school diplomas or certified equivalents. Entry-level opportunities in customer service are considered as the most accessible fast food jobs available. You can find the necessary information about the positions offered by the restaurant chain below:

Team Member – Del Taco restaurants frequently offer team members job opportunities to job seekers. Team members are mainly responsible for serving foods and maintaining cleanliness at each location. Operating cash registers and drive-thru windows, taking food and drink orders, preparing and packaging menu items, issuing change, and answering questions about services and policies are among the duties team members are expected to perform at Del Taco. The fast food chain puts great emphasis on sanitation and overall speed in completing everyday tasks when employing team members. Team members are expected to be able to use kitchen equipment, such as ovens, fryers, toaster ovens, and microwaves, as well as freezer units and computerized ticket teller. Moreover, it is also possible that team members may be asked to perform manual labor and work on foot for the most of the time. This position is usually part-time. When it comes to the salary, team members usually earn the minimum wage upon employment while it is possible for motivated individuals to increase this amount through experience.

Management –Shift manager, shift leader, and team leader are the titles listed under the managerial positions. For shift manager and shift leader positions, applicants are required to have at least one year minimum of experience in the industry in order to gain employment while for team leaders, no real experience is needed. Shift leaders are mainly responsible for looking after subordinate employees, with job duties ranging from scheduling and hiring to enforcing health and safety standards and interacting with customers. As for shift leaders, they may be asked to assume entry-level job duties to assist in daily functions and ensure tasks reach completion in orderly and timely fashions. Shift managers at Del Taco are expected to oversee all operations at each location and work to increase profits and customer bases. Furthermore, Del Taco expects managers to bear the responsibility of ensuring compliance with corporate standards for service and sanitation. Working directly with the entry level employees, team leaders are considered as a support level of management. There are hourly, part-time work and full-time, long-term careers available with managerial titles. When it comes to the salary, team leaders usually earn the amount which is just above the minimum wage or they earn between $7.00 and $8.00 per hour in the beginning while shift managers and shift leaders earn up to $45,000 per year.

Open Positions: Cook, Specialty Cook, Team Member, Customer Service Specialist, General Manager

Printable Application PDF/Form: Del Taco Application

How to Apply Del Taco Jobs: Official Site

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