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Dairy Queen Online Application & Career

Entry-level positions require you to perform small but important tasks like cooking food, using the cash register, and preparation of basic menu items. These tasks are not that hard to learn and those who have no previous experience and have promising customer service skills are able to get the job. Dairy Queen provides applicants with both full-time or part-time work schedules and workers get paid on the basis of competition and they have promotion opportunities.Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen Job Opportunities

The aim of managers on each location is to accomplish bigger tasks in order to make each employee familiar with the company culture and PRIDE (personal responsibility in delivering excellence). Managerial positions require leadership skills, experience in food service, and customer service. Those who begin with entry-level positions are able to get promotion and advance to shift leader position. Moreover, some workers are able to get a lasting job at Dairy Queen by being store managers or general managers.

Dairy Queen Employment and Salary Information

One should be at least 16 years old to be able to work at Dairy Queen which gives entry-level job chances on a regular basis. For managerial positions, applicants should be above 18 and in order to be promoted to upper-level jobs, they need to be 21 and all these requirements depend on the demands of the position. If you want to find more about Dairy Queen, submit your resume online and you will have a chance to start working now. Dairy Queen looks for employees for these positions:

Crew Member

This is an entry-level position. Crew members need to meet, greet, and serve customers. At Dairy Queen, crew members should be preparing food, controlling work areas. Preparing food includes tasks like using the grill and frying machines, operating and cleaning them, and carrying 25lbs to 50 lbs regularly. To be able to be an ideal candidate, you should always work hard, listen carefully, and accomolish the tasks properly. In this positions, workers get paid near minimum wage. One must be at least 16 years of old to apply online and to be evaluated.


Dairy Queen looks for employees for cashier position. Taking customers orders and providing quick service are the tasks thay cashiers basically face. Workers of this positions need to have basic knowledge of math and they need to learn how to use POS used at locations. Cashiers earn minimum wage in the beginning.


Job Description and Duties

Dairy Queen which can be considered as one of the most prominent fast food restaurants offers job opportunities to job seekers both in entry-level and managerial level. Applicants for managerial level are required to be in control of disciplinary structure of the company at restaurant locations. Basically, what managers need to do is  choosing among applicants to employ, training them, giving them basic tasks like meeting the customer demand. One must be at least 18 to be able to apply for managerial position. Applicants who are able to adapt quickly are preferable since being a manager at Dairy Queen requires being quick. Other preferable qualities may be the ability to communicate with the customers, demonstrative skills, etc.

Salary and Compensation

At Dairy Queen, there 2 kinds of managerial positions; assistant manager and restaurant manager. Part-time positions include assistant managers and shift managers. Assistant managers get paid $8.00 and $12.00 per hour which depends on their previous work experience. Restaurant managers at Dairy Queen are offered annual salary options beginning from $30,000 and increasing to $60,000 a year. Experience and location may make differences in the wages.

Tips For Applying

For part-time and full-time positions, Dairy Queen looks for applicants who believe themselves to be hardworking and dedicated. Workers are required to be quick under complicated situations, good at basic math, and be friendly and kind all the time. Workers should be available to work at nights and during weekends besides day shifts. Available hours may change at each location depending on the season. Applicants must be flexible to meet the demands of the job. Hiring personnel pays great attention to personal hygine and external appearance.

Open Positions: 

Cook, Crew Member, Cashier, Cake Decorator, Dining Room Attendant, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager

Printable Application PDF/Form: Download Dairy Queen Application PDF

How to Apply Dairy Queen Jobs: Visit Official Site.

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