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Costco Job Application PDF

Print Out Costco Job Application

Costco Job Application PDF
Costco Job Application PDF
costco job application pdf page 2
Costco Job Application PDF page 2

Benefits of printing out the Costco Application

Costco Job application form is a five page form that will certainly take over 30 to 40 minutes of your time when filling. This means that if you visit the company and try and fill the form sitting in front of the HR manager for around 40 minutes, then even before you complete it HR Manager will ask you to leave. It is not a smart move to waste time filling form when being interviewed. Online printable format of Costco job application form offers you with convenience. So you can download the form in advance and fill it so you just have to visit the Costco HR manager and submit the already completed form.

How to fill out Costco PDF Application

When filling the form first you have to make the selection of your preferred job position you would like to apply for. The selection has to be made from the list of openings provided on the first page of the form. Most entry level positions can be viewed on the first page along with their job timings. Ensure that each information filled is by blue or black pen only.

Personal information

You have to next fill in your personal details including application date, name, signature and your contact details. The next page is about the employee commitment which applicants are expected to read very carefully before filling any information further. You also have to provide with your availability time and your legal age. When filling the form applicants have to mention the salary they expect from the current job position. Some information about the source of job information also has to be provided to the employers.


Next the section for general information begins where you have to provide information related to your educational level starting from school to graduation level. You have to completely give information related to total number of the school years and type of degree or diploma. Your basic training skills that you might have acquired including fork lift operations, to food preparing equipments or computer software skills every thing that you are good at has to be mentioned. You can make the selection from as many boxes as possible.

It is also certain that you may have to provide with a complete detail of your past employer for last ten years starting from the most recent one. This set of information can be used by the HR for verification purpose. If you services had been terminated then it is certain that you have to mention it and provide with reason for termination of the service. If you left the job willingly then you have to provide with a reason why you left it.

The final section is the terms and condition section where you need to acknowledge that information provided by you is true to your best knowledge and then sign the application form. Once completed, your application can be submitted to the HR manager.

Download Costco Printable Application

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