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Cash America

Open Positions: Sales Associate, Loan Associate, Assistant Manager, Branch Manager.

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Cash America Job Opportunities

For those who want to work in the finance sector, the company offers profitable opportunities with more than 1000 branches nationwide. Experienced leaders can find satisfactory opportunities in management. In addition, candidates at entry level who want to start the field may be interested in other roles. Depending on the location, the applicants may mainly go to stores under the names of Cash America Pawn, SuperPawn, Payday Advanced and Mr. Payroll, who are mainly affiliated to the same company. Depending on the success of employees, Cash America always supports its employees and acts as if they are family members.

Cash America Positions and Salary Information

Each branch offers different jobs for entry level employees. In addition, the management department also has job opportunities. The 18 age limit applies for employees working here. Having high school diplomas or GEDs is always sought in candidates. It is not compulsory to have experience with candidates applying for employment in the sales and credit department. On the contrary, it is imperative to have at least 2 years of experience in this area to work in the management department. The credit service company carries out recruitment in the following positions:

Commissioned Sales and Loan AssociateEmployees of the sales and credit department, known as customer service representatives, serve customers by carrying out cash and
pledge affairs. Among the general duties are to meet and interact with customers and provide individualized services for each of the customers. While providing financial services, the employees of this department listen to, inspect and provide effective financial solutions to customers’ needs. If you work in pledge and sales, you are expected to do negotiations and sales transactions that are in line with company policies. Sales and credit department staff stocks and cleans the sales floor if necessary.

Team members working in this department need to perform cash counting and inventory management. It depends on the given shift. It may be necessary to carry out the opening and closing procedures. On average, sales and credit partners earn close hourly wages of $ 10.50 per hour.

Store Leadership Store leaders perform day-to-day operations for stores. All branches of the store must reach regular sales targets. Managers should share sales
targets with other team members. In addition, managers should direct employees of other departments to overcome their financial targets. It is necessary to examine and compare how much sales are made. Monitoring of stocks is also a very important procedure that must be applied to protect positive cash flows.

Store leaders are obliged to set up successful teams with employees who work very well. It is the responsibility of the leader not only to hire shop staff, but to constantly train them and coach and encourage them throughout their career. Cash America hires management assistants, shift managers and managers who are in charge of management affairs. Payment depends on the title of the manager. The leaders generally earn between $ 35,000 and $ 80,000 in annual salary.

Tips for Applying

For first-time applicants, they must create online career profiles by creating usernames and passwords; after which they have to log in and then answer the basic questions concerning the suitability of candidates for admission. There are usually questions about age and physical abilities. To take advantage of job opportunities, then start filling in the application form for your working history and your educational level. You are expected to write three references for the next part of the application. Your references should be those that can be contacted by the managers responsible for recruiting. It would be great if you could provide strong references to describe you as a good employee.

After making the basic application, candidates need to fill out some questionnaires before recruitment. These surveys contain a series of questions designed to compare the qualitative roles of applicants with the qualifications of others. The timed test includes questions about basic arithmetic, number series and English. Candidates are expected to answer questions promptly within a 10-minute time frame. You need to think fast. In unscheduled surveys, applicants must state the conditions they have accepted and disagree with. There are statements such as “”When I am in bad mood, I cannot do my job well”” and “”My colleagues describe me as being prone to cooperation”” that you need to say you are agree or disagree with. Candidates should carefully read the questions and provide answers that are appropriate for them.

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