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Caribbean Airlines Online Application & Career

Caribbean Airlines

Open Positions: Customer Service Representative, Station Agent, Security Officer, Information Services Representative, Corporate Communications Associate, Cargo Handler, Legal Assistant, Financial Analyst, Operations Manager, In-Flight Crew Member, Maintenance Technician, Engineer, Customer Experience Agent, Administrative Assistant, Flight Attendant, Pilot.

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply Caribbean Airlines Jobs: Visit Official Site.

Caribbean Airways Job Opportunities

In every position in Caribbean Airways, the workers must be physically, socially and professionally capable. Willingness to help and being welcoming are the most important qualities required from the potential employees. Professionals with experience are for most of the time more suitable than the uncooked applicants. With more than weekly 500 departures, the employees both have the chance to visit the places they land and they also in a regular basis interact with people from different cultures and customs.

The company with its wide range of departments and workers, is looking for professional workers with education and certificates; who are capable of operating the airplane, streamline logistics and who are sufficient enough to manage teams of workers. Higher level job offers also require professional ability in customer services and social skills. The employees must be accustomed to flexible and long working hours; however, the company pays back with a good salary and perks to the employees.

Caribbean Airlines Positions and Salary Information

Caribbean Airlines offer a wide range of job opportunities including jobs in cargo, security, inflight services, flight operations, property services, quality assurance, airport services, and legal. The job offers and applications can be found online.

Baggage Handler: Baggage handlers generally load and unload luggage from the airplanes and they must be in a good physical condition in order to be able to load/unload and stand for long hours without getting tired. The employees also sometimes need to assist the passengers on special occasions. A baggage handler generally earns between 9,00$ to 18,00$ an hour.

Security Guard: Security guards generally have to make sure that the airport is safe for everyone. They monitor passengers, make sure that there is no one near the restricted areas and they patrol around the airport. Moreover, they also write reports when any incident or any security violations happen. They earn nearly 20,00$ an hour.

Flight Attendant: Flight attendants generally serve the passengers during the flight. They are responsible for overhead baggage, seating the passengers properly and delivering the safety regulations to the passengers. The company requires the employees to have a vertical arm reach of at least 212 cm for they have to reach to the overhead baggage. moreover, potential employees with knowledge of more than one languages are more advantageous compared to the others. Flight attendants earn between 12,00$ to 22,00$ an hour.

Customer Representative: Ticket agents generally are responsible for reservations and cancellation of the tickets and they are the ones to inform the passengers about any delays or cancellations. They greet the passengers, assist them and put stickers on and check their luggage. Just like the others, ticket agents also have to have an understanding of airports and safety regulations and they must be alert in case of any emergencies. A ticket agent earns between 10,00$ to 22,00$ an hour.

Tips For Applying

Those who want to be a part of this company can find out about job vacancies on the website belonging to the company and they have the chance to apply online. Before the hiring process, candidates may be required to create profiles online on the job search interface. Candidates applying for a job in this company should fill the hiring forms in which they are supposed to state their contact information, work histories, and references if there is any. Another requirement may be personality of physical assessments through which their abilities and character traits are confirmed; however, these assessments are not required for every job title. In order for job seekers to be a part of this company, it is crucial to fill hiring request forms with accurate information.

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